Upgrading UBook X SSD?

Just wondering if the UBook X M.2 SSD can be upgraded to a larger M.2 SSD, or if there is a second slot for an extra one.


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Unfortunately you have to upgrade to a larger one as there is no second slot. However I can tell you it is extremely simple to do, as long as you are very careful and know how to clone an SSD

Thanks for that, at least the SSD can be replaced, 256GB is very small, would like around 1TB SSD at least.

Would know want physical M.2 SSD size, it can take?

I can do a backup/restore with Acronis.


you need a M.2 2280 - B-M-Key SATA

Thanks, it takes the long versions, more options available for me.


Before starting any upgrade it is a good ideas to backup all your data. So that you have the data store as a backup. You will also want to make sure that your are not working in the static environment, as this can damage the internal hardware. You invest in an anti-static refund to avoid unnecessary losses.

All good, done my research, know which M.2 SSD to get. I will need to get an M.2 USB C enclosure for it, to do the cloning process as well, and just a simple swap, after I figure how to open it up.

But first I will not upgrade anything, just me need to use it for a few months to see if everything is working fine.

Thanks all

More simple is backup personal data and install a clean version of OS

yep it’s easy, but drivers are a problem, the UBook driver pack is no good for UBook X. After installing a clean windows, I ended up with no rotation and pen working. But anyway there is a screen problem, so in the process of sending it back. But I can still tinker with it until then.

Stupid me, I used a program to do the driver backup, and not realising it put them into zip files, well I have screen rotation back, but no pen.

I purchased a Samsung 860 EVO M.2 SSD 1TB, and a Simplecom SE515 M.2 SSD to USB-C enclosure that arrived to today.

Just letting people know that I connected it to the USB-C port, and formatted the drive. It works well.

For now, It’s a great little backup device and later when warranty on the UBook X is over, I’ll replace the 256GB drive with it.

Hello, I also have a UBook that I want to change the SSd to, have you been able to do it? is there a guide or an explanatory video? Tell me if you know …

I have not done it yet, I am going to wait until warranty finishes. I had to send back my faulty UBook X, and just waiting for them to send me one.

I don’t even know how to open it up yet, but I did see some screws on the back.

But I would use acronis to image over to the M2 SSD first before trying to swap it out.


OK, I finally did it, changed the original SSD with a Samsung EVO 860 1TB M.2 SATA SSD. I think 1TB SSD is over kill, later I will replace it with 500GB version.

First I used Acronis to clone the origiinal SSD to the Samsung SSD which is conected to the USB C port.

To open the UBOOK X, I followed a vid from TechTablets on how to seperate the screen and back cover, using the CHUMI Hi13 example.

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Perfect solution. Samsung’s SSD is just super. I use them myself and do not complain about the performance of the computer.