UBook Pro Screen Poping Up

Hi everyone,

My Ubook Pro arrived in May 2020, and I have been using it mainly for my video conferancing needs - i have had to add an external webcam(with mic) and wired audio out to an external speaker for better video and audio quality but so far for the price, the tablet has held up well for 1.5 years.

But just today realised the top of the screen is popping out, when i press the popped up part down, the screen will become affixed again before popping back up after a few minutes. Here’s the Google Photo link for my video :

Has anyone had the same problem ?
I am wondering if I should glue back the popped up part of the screen ? Any advice from anyone (any particular type of glue to recommend ?) ? Or is that a really bad idea and I should just leave it along ?

The screen - touchscreen and all, is working perfectly fine for now, no streaks or blurness or change in color and touchscreen is still sensitive and accurate.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks !

I had same problem after 1 year use .Even not using much battery swollen and because that screen was same as yours pushing open.You need to remove battery to avoid damage , tablet works also whitout battery when plugged in .
Order new battery to replace damaged one , once you could open it is easy to do .

Looks like a poor choice from chuwi this battery
Here my swollen battery a year ago after removing it …you can see the label with specification on it when ordering other new on example Aliexpress …check good for same voltage !!

Hi David,

Thanks so much for replying !

I am so glad for your advice and found the other thread where the same problem was mentioned thanks to you : Battery expanded, pushed screen apart - #2 by sky

I just emailed service@chuwi.com to ask if Chuwi sells the replacement battery and price including shipping as well as if they have instructions to remove the tablet back cover and remove and replace battery.

Can i check with you if it difficult to remove the tablet back cover and remove the battery?
I saw in the other thread you mentioned it was quite difficult.
I only see 2 screws that are visible under the tablet stand :

I cannot find any other screws anywhere else on the tablet.

Is the way to remove the tablet back cover similar to this video that removes the cover for Chuwi Hi13 : Chuwi Hi13 Internals & How To Open It - YouTube ?

Let me see how Chuwi replies as well.

If anyone knows how to remove the tablet back cover and replace the battery,
or better if anyone knows there is any Youtube video with instructions, please do send me the link.

If it isn’t too difficult, I will give it a try otherwise I am thinking that I will kill the tablet prematurely by taking it apart and replacing the battery, maybe i should just keep using it until it dies “naturally”.


i found it difficult …untill i succeeded as i could remove battery and close it again ,ordered a battery and opened again as i found out it was not that difficult once knowing how, just with much patient first time …, after removing the tiny screws try to find a opened place where the the metal fixings are together then use a tin strong plastic as a ccard to go in between and slide it all around patiently opening all the plastic click fixing sand once open you see the swollen battery who is glued with some double sided glued tape ,carefully separate that tape from under the battery ,once done the same in reverse with such a double sided glued tape fixing the new battery !
click on link to see a open Ubookpro , i am not an expert myself , just dont like to give out my data to repair shop

UbookPro Open Chassis|690x493

Yes same way to open , but only those 2 screws are there , so you must try to find an open point to put such a plastic in to slide it around as in the video .

Thanks for all your advice David.

Chuwi replied that the replacement battery for Ubook Pro with delivery will cost USD $38. Its not that expensive but I’m worried even if i replace the battery, the same problem will resurface fairly quickly.

But after reading about all the hazards of a bloated battery online (toxic gases, popping and cracking screens and possibly even exploding ?!), i think i will bite the bullet and get the Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

I don’t want to waste the Ubook pro though, so I’m going to try to open the casing and remove the bloated battery and see if I can get the tablet to operate solely with the power adapter as the other thread user mentioned. Will do that when i get my surface pro and if i manage to remove the battery and get it to run with the power adapter, I will update and post some photos / videos how to open the casing and all to share.

Is there a reason you’re opting for the Surface Pro 7 while the Surface Pro 8 (with updated design and upgraded internals) is right around the corner?

Hmm Surface Pro 8 is due to be released where I am in early 2022, i can’t really wait so long to get a new device. Im not really comfortable with charging my Ubook Pro at all now and just using it with power adapter (if i dont kill the device trying to remove the battery) can’t meet all my needs til next year, so i guess its the 7…

Dear David,

Again thanks so much for your advice.

I have managed to open the UBook Pro case and removed the battery.
Also, happy to update that the Ubook Pro works fine running on the Power adapter.
I actually got my Surface Pro 7 already but I guess I now have a spare “wired” device in the Ubook Pro.

Let me post some photos for people’s reference if anyone ever needs to remove the battery / remove the casing.

First, remove the 2 screws that are under the kickstand.

Then put a thin card (others have mentioned a guitar pick is good, the leftover SIM card after the SIM Card has been popped worked fine for me), push between the part between the black color casing and silver metal casing :

Then just keep using the card to slide it all around the tablet to “pry” open the casing. Once the cover has been pried open, you can lift the entire metal case off and will see the interior:

Connector B : connector to Battery (remove this by hand)
Connector A : You have to remove either side to remove battery safely, but on my set both side connector had super glue on it, so i remove the battery with both sides connectors attached, the battery is stuck down on its bottom on both left and right sides with double sided tape, when i finally managed to pull the battery off by force from the double sided tapes on its back, Connector A on the right side actually came off so i had to place it back in and clip it back. I was worried I had broken the Connector but thankfully it seem alright.
Blue Arrows : indicating three places where the double sided tape needs to be removed.

Picture of the Battery Connector removed :

Picture of the metal casing :

Picture of the battery removed (Connector A on both sides have to be connected back and 2 wires on top and right side taped back) :

Front and back photos of Battery :

Then just match up the metal casing and the opened Ubook and click the casing back together, be wary of the volume button, I had to push the volume button back out in order to click the casing back to close up. Then put the 2 screws back into the back of the casing behind the kickstand.

Connect the tablet to the power adapter, plug in power.
And thankfully the Ubook Pro started to power up :

The screen now no longer pops up at the top near the volume screen (which was how i was alerted to the problem - see first post) :

Tried the touchscreen and it seems normal.

I haven’t tried all the functions (wifi, bluetooth, volume, front and back camera) but for now, i’m just glad that it powers up.

Hope this helps anyone who meets the same problem.

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Congratulations you became now a Chuwi technician .:thinking:…as i said it works without a battery when plugged in .

Next thing go break down in hardware is the connection strip inside the alcantara cover from keyboard to the tablet So be prepared …! …as it did now for me just yesterday… and need to buy such a ugly blue replacement keyboard as all black ones sold out …
hope your Windows surface is stronger build as that is the problem with Chuwi things …always something has to go faulty :roll_eyes:

Just buy another battery you can do it now :grin:

Sorry to hear you have a problem with your keyboard that David. And I saw the Blue color keyboard you mention and yes, the color is really not very nice. Haha, but at least it works !

Chuwi seems to have a problem with the keyboards for Tablet. I also have the Chuwi Hi9 plus (Android tablet), the original keyboard once connected to the tablet when clicked into place will cause the tablet to restart. I’m still using the Hi9 Plus but I just put a clear tape on the metal connector for the keyboard and use the keyboard as a cover.

I hope Microsoft Surface Pro lasts longer - esp coz I bought a used set with a few months warranty left. Fingers x. But one thing I realise was after setting up the Surface, it is a much faster tablet. Before with no comparison, i didnt feel the Ubook was particularity slow, just a tad bit sluggish, but with the Surface for comparision, the difference is more obvious, reaction time from closing windows, choosing menu options and opening and closing programs. But with Chuwi’s price is hard to find too much to complain about it.

I don’t think I will put in a new battery for my Ubook pro, I don’t have confidence with Chuwi’s batttery now nor the third party alternatives on aliexpress (after all even Chuwi - the manufacturer original battery also has problems). Worried it might bloat again or worse explode (my reaction probably from read ing too much on battety problems on the internet) when charging.
I will just keep it as a spare wired device.

One thing i noticed …whitout keyboard ( or maybe an external one by usb…) it is impossible to get in the bios …if only used as tablet ,

also touchscreen dont work in bios screen or even the mouse …total useless to be in the bios , one can not do nothing there whitout that keyboard even external wired mouse dont work in it ., every day we discover something new in Chuwi machines :smirk: