Battery expanded, pushed screen apart

The battery pack on my UBook Pro expanded and pushed the screen away from the chassis. I opened up the chassis and found the battery pack had pillowed out. Looks like I will need to find a replacement for the battery.

The other bad thing is the magnets on the bottom shifted over between the chassis and the screen due to the screen being pushed by the battery. While attempting to push the magnets back into position I cracked the bottom of the screen. For anyone with the same issue, be extremely careful with the magnets on the bottom of the screen.

So now between a bad battery pack and a cracked screen, I will probably find a replacement for my UBook Pro. I have really enjoyed using my UBook Pro over the past year but will most likely find a different tablet/laptop to suit my needs. I really want one that is able to have 16GB of memory.

Some good news is that I am still able to use my UBook Pro. The cracked screen didn’t affect the touch ability (so far). It is just annoying to see. For the battery pack, I found a temporary fix. I won’t say what I did as it is not recommended to perform this procedure. So my UBook Pro is back together and working for now.

You can actually buy the battery pack from Chuwi. If it is within warranty, they probably will send one to you FOC but you need to pay for the courier.

I ordered the screen replacement and new battery pack for $95 USD from It took about two weeks for delivery (to Thailand).

I have yet to install the screen as I just got it in. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube about how to replace it. I am a little afraid that I will damage the new screen while attempting to replace it.

Well, bad news. Chuwi sent me the wrong replacement screen. It is way too small. I am not sure what part they sent but it is not correct. I emailed them asking for the correct one.

Chuwi support stated that they will send me the correct replacement display. So it will probably be another two weeks or so until I can attempt to replace the screen.

Hi , reading your chuwi ubookpro screen problem , now i think having the same , by start screen seeing lighter spots , until windows start normally they are obvious gone …,but … i saw the plastic holding screen pressed together on chassis is opening some places , so putting chuwi on flat surface i can let him spin around … so swelling battery i guess having too ! Was working only as spare one , not much used , so i think this is & was my first Chuwi item and my last …, as from beginning regular blue Microsoft screen 3 times on 10 start ups as average , ( repaired always himself …) few times i must choose repair , but when just order start normal normally it did ! ?.,after Big windows update H20 no more happened …, BUT then c usb stopped working a sudden …then worked again a sudden…,and for now the camera is no more to find as message Windows , try drivers repair few times , no solution … and no finally this battery swelling problem after only 13 months from buying with very little use as was a spareone .
When working it was o.k. , but i guess they ty to make use of too cheap componants , to keep working normall .
So by-by Chuwi , the big laptop in ordering mind shall not happen …

Mean time i just go use super glue on to that plastic piece keeping the screen closed

Also i see so many problems on regulars base here on forum

So we have both the same problem a good item with design problems by being to use cheap parts (as example that cheap camera that probably Microsoft Windows even don’t know the existence from … local Chinese making probably!
Chuwi service center was very helpful , sending in for a very\reasonable price repair …, but…
i dont like to give out of my ANY data carrier unless i can be present by repairs (battery changing is not taking that long …) So i shall look for local repairs , if only Chuwi repair service would sell me or info of type battery , which i asked , but not got the info back …! As sometimes people forget how much data can be taken ,no offence to repair service man , but suppose on the way item get “lost…” and few months after wit draws from your banks happen and none are yours …, i have latest a friend lost 3600€ by PayPal , used by " unknown" in Media market Germany in 3 different buying none by him !!
an expensive security reminder


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Hi, does any body can give me the right type of battery to replace the original is now swollen one ( only 13 months limited use …) as i prefer to replace it local repair , by preference from AliExpress link or lazada as i am based Thailand

UbookPro 12.3 inch 8Gb ssd256 gb Intel M3 8100Y

hi , i just succeeded to get that Ubookpro 12.3 inch to open , it was difficult , but managed , to remove that swollen battert , if never saw one , look the picture attachment, quit ballooned , and was pushing screen out of body .

with battery removed and on load cable the tablet works normal , but i do not know if advisable as might not cool properly as those cables might not touch chassis …anybody knows ?

Also where can i order same battery as AliExpres have , but only 30 Wh , while this one 38 Wh working original , if works i can live with that , anyone a link for buying online??

I just experienced the “swollen battery=popped screen” problem on my UBook Pro. Thanks to the help of some of you posters, I was able to remove the battery, and I am purchasing a replacement on AliExpress. Question: What’s the best way to secure the new battery in place? I’m assuming regular double-stick cellophane tape (e.g., Scotch) won’t stand up to the heat. Do I need to buy a special type of tape? Can I use some sort of glue?

Just an update: I received my replacement battery from AliExpress and was able to successfully install it. It’s somewhat larger than the original battery and a bit of a tight fit, but it works. I don’t think I need any tape because it’s positioned very snugly in the computer and doesn’t have any room to move around.

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Can you share the battery link on Aliexpress? I just noticed that mine also swolen. Thank you.

Sure … here it is: HSABAT 0 Cycle 6500mAh H 35130148P Battery for Chuwi tablet Ubook Pro 12.3 inch M3 Replacement Accumulator|Mobile Phone Batteries| - AliExpress

Looks like it has less power capacity than the original battery, which was 8000mAh iirc. Can you notice any drop in battery life with the new one?

My original battery–which is identical to the one in David555’s picture above–is labeled as 5000mAh, not 8000.

My bad, I found some spec sheets quoting 8000mAh as original spec and assumed they’d be correct. Maybe that’s why the replacement battery fit so snugly, being 1500mAh “bigger”. Makes me pretty interested to get it too, we can always use more battery life :wink:

Is it me, or does 5000mAh not really sound like much for a tablet/battery this big? Although it seems like it is quoted at 7.6v (charging), so that would still make it about double the capacity of a general smartphone battery (mostly 5000mAh at 3.7v).