UBook Pro Screen Separation/Popping Out

If anyone has this problem, its the result of the battery expanding inside the tablet. It’s not that difficult of a fix to swap out the battery, but be aware that the ribbon cables inside the battery are easy to damage and tear, especially the one connecting to the screen. If you attempt this repair, be advised that you can remove the screen, but you also must remove the “screen housing” from tablet case itself to expose the ribbon cable connectors should you accidentally pull one out or tear/damage one. To remove the screen housing, simply push hard enough on the edges of the case and the screen housing will pop out of the case (the back part of the tablet). REMOVE ALL SD CARDS FIRST and of course any other devices attached to the tablet before you begin to repair it.

To avoid the battery expanding, you could try not leaving the charger plugged into the battery and immediately disconnecting the charger when the battery is fully charged.

I’m currently trying to repair my Ubook Pro, and I can get the battery but the ribbon cable connecting to the screen tore in half so I need that ribbon cable as well. I have sent in a request for the cost to get these parts as well as photos of the parts to service@chuwi.com Hopefully it won’t be much of a problem to get the ribbon and the battery replacements.

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Hi … Thanks for posting this. I have the exact same problem on my UBook Pro. Any updates? Were you able to get the replacement parts?

No I haven’t been able to get the parts. I sent service an email last December. They replied with the cost of the parts but no info on where to go to order and pay for them. I sent several emails back asking where to order them. They never responded. After posting my total frustration here on the Forum, I’ve still not gotten any response. Then, I got an email saying the Chuwi warehouse was on vacation until Feb 10, to contact them after that date. I did, - 3 times. Still haven’t gotten a response back.
You may as well salvage that tablet for parts and throw the rest in the trash. Chuwi is not going to reply with info on how to get the replacement parts.