Replacement battery ubook pro

Hi all
my ubook pro battery is damaged and risk to broke my touchscreen. Anyone have a video to disassemble the ubook pro?

Yes its easy, when somebody need help, I have photos.

Hi can you share the photos?


Hi Vallavoid, same issue here on my ubook. Could you fix it? At least I like to remove the battery, but I don’t know how to open the housing. Regards Axel

Hi DonBit, can you share your pictures or give some advice?

guys where i can buy baterry chuwi Ubook 11,6 inc

Hi Darma,

you can google for HW-31130148. Spec is 30.4Wh, 7.6 V 4000 mAh i.e.

Whether by this you will get a better one as the shitty original part is another question.

Therefore in case if you get it replaced it would be nice if you can share your experience. To replace it is easy, you just need to get the display out of the frame. It’s clipped and there’s a sealing which somehow holds it in addition. To use a plenctrum for playing guitar is helpful to get it out.

Good luck, Axel