Battery expanded, pushed screen apart

The battery pack on my UBook Pro expanded and pushed the screen away from the chassis. I opened up the chassis and found the battery pack had pillowed out. Looks like I will need to find a replacement for the battery.

The other bad thing is the magnets on the bottom shifted over between the chassis and the screen due to the screen being pushed by the battery. While attempting to push the magnets back into position I cracked the bottom of the screen. For anyone with the same issue, be extremely careful with the magnets on the bottom of the screen.

So now between a bad battery pack and a cracked screen, I will probably find a replacement for my UBook Pro. I have really enjoyed using my UBook Pro over the past year but will most likely find a different tablet/laptop to suit my needs. I really want one that is able to have 16GB of memory.

Some good news is that I am still able to use my UBook Pro. The cracked screen didn’t affect the touch ability (so far). It is just annoying to see. For the battery pack, I found a temporary fix. I won’t say what I did as it is not recommended to perform this procedure. So my UBook Pro is back together and working for now.

You can actually buy the battery pack from Chuwi. If it is within warranty, they probably will send one to you FOC but you need to pay for the courier.

I ordered the screen replacement and new battery pack for $95 USD from It took about two weeks for delivery (to Thailand).

I have yet to install the screen as I just got it in. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube about how to replace it. I am a little afraid that I will damage the new screen while attempting to replace it.

Well, bad news. Chuwi sent me the wrong replacement screen. It is way too small. I am not sure what part they sent but it is not correct. I emailed them asking for the correct one.

Chuwi support stated that they will send me the correct replacement display. So it will probably be another two weeks or so until I can attempt to replace the screen.