Screen expanding and distorting within the aluminium frame

I have a wonderful tablet CHUWI UBook Pro Intel Gemini Lake N4100 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 12.3 Inch Windows 10 Tablet With Keyboard, Serial number GLK UBook PQ256G20031427
which I purchased in November 2020,
I LOVE this little tablet!!

The problem I have now though is the glass screen looks like it’s expanding and is getting too big for the frame. I have tried to have it glued back but it keeps detaching.
Can you recommend a really STRONG glue that would keep it within the frame?

I am attaching pictures so you can see what is happening.
Everything is still functioning so far - but obviously its not ok to work like that as dirt and dust will enter the electronics.

What is the procedure to get my tablet repaired? I have just looked on the forum,
Would a Microsoft Surface Book pro screen be suitable for a replacement??

@manonegra222 this is probably the battery right?

It is most likely the battery that is swelling and needs to be changed as it could damage the screen. You must find a replacement for the battery.

I will ask then if we have replacement for that

That would be absolutely fantastic Maria, I really hope you can find a replacement - its such a lovely tablet!!

We have stock.
When you write the email please let me know

Write to

Email subject : I need battery for Ubook Pro

Message: Hello, i have asked previouslly in the forum and they told me you have battery in stock. I would like to purchase one . So i would like you to inform me about the shipping cost and price.

-Dont forget to write INSIDE in the message:

1-Serial Number:
2. Device Model :
2-Your address:

*They answer in 48/72h