Design defector manufacturing.

I don’t know if he has passed it on to another tablet owner. The screen went out of the aluminum frame, the glue wore out or was insufficient. View images

Hello Aristides, welcome to the forum.

This seems a case of product with defect so I recommend you to contact for direct Customer Support and Product replacement.


Thank you.

Aristides Lorlesse

How long did you own the Ubook X?

Buy it in September 2020 on Amazon. It has a year and 5 months of use, before it disassembles.

It is already having problems with keyboard connectivity and power on. It’s a shame it’s a good team and I found it useful for my daily tasks. You will have to stop using it to avoid an accident.

Aristides Lorlesse Gómez

Thanks for the information. Bulging batteries are also evident on surface pros… I plan to replace my Ubook X with a different brand… the Ubook X is good but I rather pay $100 more for a better screen, processor, graphics and memory. The competition is getting better

Hello Aristides,

Please contact for information on battery replacement.


Thanks for the suggestion. Replacing the battery will allow the tablet to be placed back in its frame. I’ve tried to get the screen to fit into the frame, but it doesn’t work. I adjust it in one corner and the other is lifted.

It seems that it has no solution.

Aristides Lorlesse Gomez.