Chuwi Ubook Pro 12.3 inch screen bloated and cracked

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Zulkhairi and I live in Malaysia.

I bought this Chuwi UBook Pro 12.3 Inch 8 GB laptop on January 7, 2020 through the Shopee app. I am very happy to use it without any problems.

However recently, I found this laptop screen to be bloated causing it to crack. This also causes problems on the connection of the keyboard to the main body of the laptop.

I have searched all over internet and through some forums i follow, many users are also facing the same problem.

I do not know how to handle this problem because there is no Chuwi Service Center in Malaysia.

Following, I attach some photos as well as proof of purchase for your reference. Please response to me.

Thank you very much

It appears the battery has swelled inside the tablet. Mine did the exact same thing except instead of cracking the screen, it pushed the screen out its housing. Since your screen is cracked, you’ll also need to get the screen replaced. Chuwi only carries a 1 year warranty, so you’ll either have to repair it yourself or have a technician in your area repair it for you. If you can take the screen off, take photos of the battery model number. Also, be sure to let them know what size screen and model number you need. Send photos to and all the information. They will respond to you with a cost of the parts and shipping. Don’t forget to have them tell you how to order and pay for the parts.