Replacement battery needed for a Ubook X (out of warranty)

Hello Chuwians,

I bought a Ubook X in late 2021. It’s worked really well over the last few years but a couple days ago, I noticed that the screen was starting to pop out on one side. It turns out that the battery is starting to swell up so I opened the case and removed it. I’m having some difficulty finding a replacement for it. According to the stamp on the existing battery, it’s a 3.8V 5000mAh 19.0Wh with a 7-wire connector (see picture). The closest I’ve been able to find online is a 7.6V with a description that it’s compatible: The difference in voltage is pretty significant though. I’m assuming it would be a bad idea to replace the existing battery with this one. Does anyone know where to get a replacement battery that actually is compatible with a Ubook X? Does Chuwi sell them? I’ve tried contacting them but haven’t received a reply yet. Thank you!

@Redskies I have asked and We can provide a battery for your model, around 17$¿do you still want it?. But obviouslly need to pay for the battery and the shipping fees that will vary depending where are you from.

If you want it: Go to,
Select your zone up right side(Europe/USA etcc)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
-Fill the form.
- Write Maria, at the beginning (so my colleagues know i send you)
-Dont forget to write your Serial Number /where are you from/when did
you buy it.
- My colleagues will answer you telling if we have stock or not and
shipping prices

Thanks Maria, I would be interested in purchasing a battery so I’ll go ahead and contact aftersales service as you’ve advised. Thank you again!

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No response from AfterSales Service yet. How long does it usually take? I also found out that the 7.6V batteries I’ve seen online would work after all. 7.6V is the total voltage of the two 3.8V cells that make up the original battery. So there are several options on AliExpress I could order after all. At any rate, thanks again for your help, Maria. I may just move forward with ordering a battery online instead of waiting for a response from AfterSales Service. It looks like it’s going to take quite a while to get one anyway, no matter who I buy it from! And I want to get moving on this. Take care!

I am trying to find it, but i dont see it. Can you tell me the email from which it was written?Is the same you have in the forum? I also checked in Spam but is not there.

I checked the features in my internal system and it says also this 4254E4, maybe will help you to choose the battery online.
Ubook X Models J4100/4120 38Wh (7.6V/5000MA)
Ubook X Model 10210Y 38Wh (7.6V/4500MA)

I sent the request using the After Sale form on the site, although I may have been on the Global rather than the US site at the time. (see image). The email address I entered on the form is redskies@XXXXX. Thanks again!

Now, i know because no response, i have checked all the possible emails in which all those forms arrive to and nothing from you email. Maybe it was rejected directly. Write again but directly to, I am sorry.
Subject: Want a new battery for Ubook X (out of warranty)
In the message write:
My Computer is Model number + Serial Number (write the details)
I live in XXX (your country)
I was told i is around 17€ ,Can I get a new battery please?
How to pay?
How long will it take to arrive to my country? Do you ship it from China? Will i need to pay custom charges?

Thank you

(This is in case people read this, because i have seen messages of people complaining we dont answer, we work with Zendesk ticketing, and is possible sometimes they dont enter through it, is not we do not want to answer, is we dont “see” it . My colleagues answer to every single mail. I see it.

Also guys please look always in Spam, our mails come from China.So maybe your Spam filter send us there. It happens to me also when i write from my mail.

Thanks again. Sorry about all the confusion. I’ve already ordered a replacement battery from Rograpo/AliExpress but I appreciate all your help. Hopefully the details you provided will help someone else who might be having the same issue. Take care!

thank you for telling me. Would you mind to post the battery you bought, the Link, with a picture. so if any other person have the same issue can go directly there

Sure, this is it:

But apparently it’ll take at least a month or longer to ship.

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thank you im sure it will help others :slight_smile: that are only reading not posting

Try this website. I found the battery which i burned out using the wrong charger for my Chuwi Hibook Pro here. You might want to check it out!

Laptop Batteries - Batteries - Aliexpress - Shop for laptop batteries

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