I need the screen bezel

Hello. The screen has broken for the third time!!! I have spoken with a technician who tells me that he can weld the hinge anchors with a cold welder, but I need the lcd screen bezel.
Does anyone know where it can be bought? The official chuwi service is not responding.
Thank you.

Hello, you can contact service@chuwi.com email

I’ve done it and they say there’s none left. I have not asked them for a screen, I have only asked them for the trim to be able to fix it on my own and nothing. Is incredible.

I’m sure any trim from another similar model with a 14.1-inch screen would work, but such is the laziness of customer service that I wonder why these laptops continue to be sold in Spain.

email tells me this is not a valid email service@chuwi.com.

It is valid, it has worked for me.
In addition, after about 15 emails, they told me that they are going to contact the technical service in Spain so that they can provide me with the parts and be able to fix the hinges and the trim. If this happens, a 10 for chuwi.