Minibook x n100 glass broken. Where to have it serviced?


I just bought a minibook x n100 about one month ago and so far I’m loving it. Sadly last weekend I dropped the bag that I use for carrying it and the laptop’s screen broke just at the hinges. Functionally it wasn’t affected. The image still looks neat and the touch function still works normaly. However the broken glass at the lower portion of the screen is eyesore (attached pictures).

Where can I have it repaired in Japan? I contacted the official Chuwi Japan but they don’t answer. And in the official Aliexpress Chuwi store they refuse to provide any information since I bought it new from an unofficial seller here in Japan.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

You might be able to find some spare parts on AliExpress, and maybe you’ll find a local computer repair shop who will help with the labour.

Chuwi doesn’t have any official repair or service centers anywhere in the world because they don’t manufacture any of the products they sell. They use multiple ODMs and so a service center is impossible.

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Thank you for your reply. Sadly I haven’t been able to locate spare parts for this device anywhere on the internet. Maybe it is because it hasn’t passed very long since it was released?

I sent you PM I could have a solution for you

Try, I was able to order a replacement keyboard from them. I think there were some holidays in China so some things could get delayed.

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Thank you for the information. I have used this e-mail address to contact them. Let’s see if they can provide some help.

Have a good day.

After contacting Chuwi they told me that they can send me a replacement display for 79 USD including the shipping costs. However they cannot provide any instructions on how to perform the change so I will be trying to do this by myself without any idea on how to do it. They have sent me a video on the screen replacement for a different CHUWI laptop, one that is not yoga style in the first place so I don’t know if it is actually of any help. Sadly here where I live laptop technicians usually reject such jobs because they are not the ones providing the replacement part and because is not from a manufacturer that they usually deal with.

Does anyone have any idea on how to perform such replacement?

Are they going to send you just the LCD/glass part, or the whole top half of the laptop?

You can ask them to clarify this. When I was ordering the keyboard, it was obvious I wouldn’t able to replace just the keyboard - it’s stuck in place with plastic welds. So they emailed me a photo of the whole top cover, and replacing it was very easy (I’ll make a post about it later).

If it’s the whole assembly, it would be just undoing like 4 screws on the hinges and two (I think) connectors:

Disregard the “thermal mod”, that might be why the keyboard failed :slight_smile:

If they only send the glass/LCD, that’s much more difficult as it’s usually glued in place and you would need like a heat gun and a lot of patience to replace it. I haven’t done this myself but you can check youtube for “laptop lcd replacement” videos.

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Thanks a lot for the picture! I have sent them a message inquiring about this and about the information required for them to send the display to me. How did you pay for the replacement keyboard that they sent you? I’m doing al this back and forth with them by traditional e-mail

They gave me instructions to transfer over Paypal and then I sent them the transacton id.

There’s some kind of ticketing system but I was never able to access it and just replied to notification emails :slight_smile:

Thank you. I also recieved messages in the form of some kind of ticketing system that is embedded in the main body of the e-mail. For the moment they have stopped answering my questions so I’m still waiting to recieve further information about the payment and delivery of the item. Let’s hope they don’t take too long…

They took a while but they just sent me pictures of the display (attached files). Actually it is only the display which I think requires some kind of glue in order to fix it properly to the rest of the laptop (similar to how they are fixed in smartphones I guess). Do you guys have some pictures or some resources showing how to perform such replacement? More importantly: how to remove the old display? does it need some kind of heating surface to loosen the original glue?

Because of the difficulty I asked them to send me the entire top part which I assume would be easier to replace. I’m willing to pay extra for that. Let’s see what they respond.

Just to update this topic: I finally managed to find a technician who was willing to make the screen replacement. However this kind of labor in Japan is relatively expensive and usually recomended for high-end laptops outside their warranty period when the investment is worthwhile. Just for reference I got this laptop new for 45000 jpy, and the cost of replacement is 28000 jpy if removing the old screen is required. The replacement display is about 10000 jpy with shipping included. So it is almost as expensive as buying the laptop new.

I can usually make simple and not so simple repairs, like changing the display, case, batteries of smartphones, but for this, with a larger screen I don’t feel qualified doing it myself without a detailed explanatory tutorial. So I will leave it like this, with the cracks at the bottom. I kind of became use to them, since they really don’t affect the usability of the device.

Just take care of not dropping yours, it is a good laptop for the money. I will definetely replace it with a newer model with thinner bezels and better battery life.