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CHUWI GemiBook Pro 14 in Laptop Windows Intel Gemini Lake 16+512GB SSD Notebook | eBay account name chuwi 2020

CHUWI GemiBook Pro 14 in Laptop Windows Intel Gemini Lake 16+512GB SSD Notebook | eBay account name chuwi 2020

This is not the Official Chuwi Store / it has not been verified from Chuwi.
Next time buy from CHUWI-STORE, Amazon, AliExpress, Gearbest, Banggod, geekbuying or from Lazada.
You can find all Links here
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Thanks,but I don’t buy Chuwi anymore,horrible quality…

For me is it an very good cheap High Quality company.
If you have any Problems, let me know.

I do have problem,my battery show full of charge,but if I disconnect the charger,computer shot off…this is probably battery dead or ?
What I have to do with this, computer suppose on manufacturers warranty(at least 1yeae year)I brought by end of August of 2020))would be appreciate if u lead any solutions…

I am very sorry but we dont offer support for Devices that are bought from unofficial Stores.
It seems like that you have an unofficial Battery.
Try do use the original Charger or contact the eBay-Seller.
I think that the Battery is death, a normal/original battery cant die in 1 year.
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Where I can buy original one and what is specifications for that?Lapbook pro 14"

Chuwi Official Store, is the name of where I buy. After 2 days they contacted me about the issue of light leakage (bleeding) from the screen. As it cannot be returned, they have proposed a refund of money, of 20 euros. They have also asked me for the serial number of the laptop and the email address, according to them so that the repair service in Spain will contact me to change the screen.
Total, the final price was 285 euros.

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oh worry not, i bought from, everything went perfect. The purchase i did on AliExpress, it went to chaos. I gave up and ended up fixing the problems on my own. When i bought from, i did a mistake, they spotted it and warn me about it, discussion was fluid and it was totally good. When i bought from Chuwi official store, on Ali Express, everything went to shit. They were unable to keep track of the convo, they play stupid, keep giving all kind of so weird answers. I was completely baffle, it is not the same people, i am still sure of it. It was not the same box, nothing was alike. So i believe chuwi official store on Ali Express, is an official reseller, but not the same team as the online store, Anyhow, i do not regret my purchases, for their price, it is very good products. :slight_smile:


Stop bulshitting. This has happened to my lapbook pro and to a lot of other people´s laptops. Chuwi does not answer me nor will send me a refund for this defective product. It´s a fabrication fault.

I buy from aliexpress and chuwi store and nobody answers good.