Finally I can solve the Chuwi Aerobook Automatic repairing problem

Dear Aerobook Users who has

Finally I found the way to fixing the automatic repairing problem. It’s about bios just following this like he upload Aerobook Bios .

Thank you this YouTube

Please how did you start to get to this point. I have the same problem with my system. Preparing Automatic repair.

Sorry it’s didn’t fix by bios. In my case I change the keyboard spare parts.

You confirm after changing the keyboard, everything work perfect?
Because mine if I hold F8 key it pass the booting stage and other things will work but as soon as I remove my hand it goes off.

Yes I n my case I bought keyboard and battery from Chuwi. Then I try to replacement battery first but it can’t fix. Then I try to replacement keyboard by myself. It’s working

Thanks for you response, I will try and get the keyboard just that I have been communicating with Chuwi and they are not helping matter. All I ask is the amount of the keyboard and let me get it fix my system up, but the guy say they don’t sell parts. I’m just tired and that I should send it back for them to repair which will be very expensive for me.

They’re very bad service. In my case nearly two months. Hope you can fix it soon