Creaking sounds of the right side laptop's body when it's warm

Hello everyone!
Just have brought my AeroBook from CHUWI Official Store and was very surprised to see, and hear
such creaking sounds of the right side laptop’s body when it’s warm.
Even 46º C of CPU temperature is enough for creaking sound!

I’ve prepared a short video to explain how it happens:

You can see it here:

It’s absolutely new one, just delivered from CHUWI Official Store
That’s it!

Please send the link of this video and your comments to

Personally I think that it is a bad contact of the keyboard with the case and that it would be solved by opening and correctly placing the cable or part that rubs with it, but being a new laptop, you should wait for instructions from the after-sales department

Thank you for your quick response, manonegra222, sure, I will send a link to this post to them.

What about a bad contact of the keyboard… it seems that it’s not the case. The sound is so loud and sharp.