Aerobook Plus - Crackling noise when running demanding apps

When you run any processor demanding application (e.g. Google Maps or even Windows Update), the cooling fun spins up (it is normal) but it is accompanied by a continuous and annoying crackling noise - it is NOT the noise of the fan, it is something different. It’s like the knocking sound of raindrops when they fall on the roof or a plastic tent.

There’s no crackling noise when you browse static web pages or read a static document for an extended period of time. However, starting any proessor demanding app the cooling fan will spin up and a few seconds later that crackling noise will also start.

The result is that videoconferencing (Skype) is virtually impossible because every participant constantly hears this loud crackling noise through the built-in microphone. The application you run is irrelevant, just be resource intensive enough that spins up the fan: like charting apps, video editing applications or playing a youtube video. Even running Windows Update gives enough load to start this annoying crackling noise - this makes the machine virtually unusable and I don’t know how to resolve it, please advise.

After a few days of rest, the noise does not occur with the same load, it has disappeared for the time being.

Is it possible that some loose wire inside was touching the cooling fan? I have no idea what caused it. If the strange noise reappears, I’ll come back again.

Unfortunately, the previously reported problem is not over. As soon as an application permanently loads the processor, the crackling / clicking sound reappears.

This recording is a sample cut from a multi-hour Skype conference call that was made a few days ago. The recording was made with the notebook’s built-in microphone. There were no keystrokes or mouse clicks during this sample and it was made in a quiet room.

The clicking sound comes from the notebook, generated by the notebook without anyone touching it. No keystrokes, no mouse clicks, just speech during recording.

This clicking sound can also be heard from a distnce but near the notebook, at a lower volume. The built-in microphone amplifies it, which can be heard during recording. It’s terribly annoying. The notebook is simply unsuitable for Skype conversations by using its internal mic.

I have no idea what might click in it, but it has to be resolved somehow. I ask Chuwi to investigate this problem and suggest a solution.

Serial/BIOS version: