Problems with my Lapbook Pro (8GB RAM Version)

Hello. There is a problem with my Lapbook Pro (8GB RAM). The Lapbook makes a, more or less, silent noise. It is a very high cheeping noise (like a high “beep”).

My question is: Is that normal? If not, what can i do against that?


Can you give more details?
Can you find out where the noise comes from on the laptop?
Is it continuous or disappears at some point?

The noise comes from the left side of the lapbook, near the type c port.

And the lapbook gets really warm, when i use it with the original charger, or when i Update Windows. Is that normal?

Write to about the beep, indicating a link to a video that you upload to the cloud in which that beep is appreciated.
Regarding the heating when using it while it is charging, it is completely normal and will be more intense depending on the complexity of the processes you are doing.

Hi Antar, have you find a solution about the noise from the Type C port ?

I have the same problem and i would like to solve it