Lapbook Pro issues won't turn on, high pitch noise, loosen screws, warranty

I bought Lapbook Pro last year June 22, 2020. Right now, my laptop doesn’t turn on anymore, I already long press the power button but still not working, I also hear high pitch noise near the type-C charging port. Please help what to do? Is this still covered in the warranty?

I also noticed just now that I have been missing 2 screws, I’m not sure if they just loosened on their own, but nobody in the house touches my laptop.

Other issues I encountered includes:

(1) High pitch sound during random times, If occurred, I just reboot the device.

(2) When you turn on the device while the micro hdmi connector is still connected, the device shows only black screen and not showing display in the extended monitor, what I did is I have to wait for the laptop to fully turn on before plugging the micro hdmi connector.

(3) There are times that the device is not charging even the type-C charging port is connected, what I did is flipping the type-C connector and try again until the charging light is lit.

(4) The type-C to HDMI adaptor is not compatible in this device.

Please help. Thanks!