LapBook Plus-will not turn on

Hi, I have a lapbook plus but do not shine the display.
When I turn it on, only the keypad and the blue led + green led at the charging connector and nothing happens.
Where is the problem?
Thank you for answer

Please write to

  1. It is recommended that you first press the power off button for a long time (about 10 seconds) to turn off the machine, and then wait for a minute to restart the machine to see if the screen can be re-lit.If not, please return the machine to the factory for maintenance.

Unfortunately this procedure, which came from support to email did not help me. Do I really have to put it in the factory service? It will cost me at least $ 100 postage.?

Can you check if the screen does not turn on, but if it loads Windows, connecting the laptop to an HDMI screen?

Hi, so unfortunately it is not even via HDMI cable. Still the only black screen. What can I do next?

Lukáš Mizera

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I had the same issue before.

Battery never fully charges till one fine day the whole thing fails to power up.

The problem lies in the crap power adapter which Chuwi included, and I had to try out 3 different sellers’ adapters (from Aliexpress) till I got a somehow legit one - last successful one is from Littokala since I have good experience with their offerings before.

You need to look for 12.6V 3A ones. Need to get a DC adapter to fit the Lapbook Plus too.

Chuwi never acknowledged the problem, and offered bulls reasonings.

Hopefully my solution works for you too!

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Unfortunately, even a stronger source did not help. The notebook still does not turn on. Any more advice? Thank you

Does anyone else have any idea why this machine can’t be turned on?

If the battery is fully charged and still does not turn on, I think it may be due to a Bios blockage, which I imagine you have not touched.
If so, disconnecting the battery for a few minutes can bring your laptop back to life.

I didn’t do anything with the bios. I tried to disconnect the battery and unfortunately the display is still black. I suspect he sent a display or a graphics chip.

Even though it remains black, does the screen turn on? You can check this in a dark room

The screen is still only black.