LapBook doesn't turn on after sleep mode

After sleep mode with closed screen, the laptop doesn’t turn on. I tried several times to turn off pressing start button and then turn it on but when it turns on only keyboard light works and it freezes with black screen.
I tried also to open the LapBook and remove the power from battery but nothing different happened.
Ideas? Thank you!

I had the same problem with my Lapbook Pro when I had an external item plugged-into the USB port on the side. Prior to that (when nothing else was plugged-in) I was able to come back from sleep mode without issues.
My Windows Event Viewer said that it was related to the Firmware but I haven’t been able to find anything about that on Chuwi’s Website anywhere.

I had the same issue with my Hi10X. I seems to have been an issue with the display driver.

You can download Intel’s Driver support tool at

When I did this, it identified an issue with a driver, and allowed me to download and install the replacement.

One tip. Delete the download after installing the new driver, otherwise the installer will relaunch every time you reboot.

I hope it works with your LapBook.

Lapbook pro freezes when it goes to sleepj

Solution go into Bios then Advanced
ACPI settings
Sleep State
change to Suspend Disabled
Screen will still sleep but it wont freeze
When you close the laptop it will do a normal power off.
An updated Bios would be need to resolve this problem but until then this works very well

Hi Marvin!
How can I enter the BIOS if I can’t get out of the FROZEN mode?