Lapbook does not wake up

As the title says, my Lapbook does not wake up when in sleep mode. Pressing Enter or any key does nothing. If I keep pressing the Power key, the power goes off and I can power it on again but I lose everything in my Windows session.
So, can I update the firmware and driver of my Lapbook ?
Model CWI533
Serial ZL14 Q64G40170400302

Hi!! I have tua same problem with my new herobook pro, I think it’s a problem of the sleep mode, because If I turn off, when alI press the power, the laptop turns on fast… :neutral_face::sob:

It is a behavior of Windows so a firmware update will not solve anything.

Windows goes into sleep mode when you close the laptop lid, not when you press the power button, which produces a shutdown if you don’t change it in the power options. Verify that you have not changed the behavior of the shutdown button and lid closure in Windows Power Options.

To exit the suspension mode, you must open the cover and press enter and wait a few seconds, but, if more than 2 hours have passed since the suspension, Windows goes into hibernation and to exit that mode, you must press the power button for 4- 5 seconds until the led lights up. When Windows starts all your jobs they will be as you left them.
Pressing longer than that will cause Windows to start, not wake up from hibernation

You didn’t read my post.
In sleep mode, it doesn’ wake up with the Enter or any other key.
And no, I didn’t change the Windows Power options.

Yes, I read it, but I cannot specify from here your level of knowledge of Windows, much less know if something has been touched.
You can try doing a factory reset from Windows options: Start, Settings, Update & Security, Recovery, Reset this PC

Did you get any solution? I think it is a Chuwi bug… Thanks for advance.

J’ai le même problème avec un lapbook pro, chuwi me propose de le renvoyer en chine auprès d’un ingénieur.

I solved my problem with a new battery bought from China.
My Lapbook battery was worn out, and I knew it. But I didn’t thought that it could prevent my lapbook to wake up from sleep mode.
Someone told me that he disconnected the battery, discharged the computer by pressing the power button for 15s, reconnected the battery, and it worked again. I didn’t checked that solution but it may be worth a try.

thanks for sharing. .