Laptop does not get out of sleep mode

Hello. My laptop does not get out of sleep mode. Have to reboot every time. How to solve a problem.

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I have the same problem…

I found that this problem can be solved by installing drivers.
Have you tried to reinstall them? (better to start from intel graphic and battery)

To exit the sleep mode do not press the power button, try “enter” several times and wait a few seconds.

I had the same problem, i tried to fix it reflashing the BIOS but something went wrong and it kinda bricked itself (black screen and nothing happening at startup). So I tried to disconnect the battery for several hours to reset the BIOS. This procedure fixed the bios AND the waking from sleep mode problem!
So for those who can’t wake the laptop up, well try this. To locate the battery connector see the picture here

Hope it helps

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I download many times the packages but it say that archive is damaged!
Anyway, which is the driver for battery that I’ve to reinstall…?
I need to solve the problem about battery management/sleeping mode.

Thanks for support

You need to use winrar v5.50+
If windows cannot find the battery driver in this package, simply uninstall the driver and update it using standard windows tools through the device manager.

Thanks for your answer, I’m using winrar 5.71 (64-bit), and it still say me that the archive is damaged. But anyway it download all (I hope) the directories driver…Which i have to install?

You don’t need to select driver youself. Open device manager, expand tab “batteries” in device manager, update all drivers in this tab by clicking on “update drivers-> browse my computer for driver software”, click “browse” and select folder with all drivers.

mmmmmm…thanks I’ll try it soon (it is for my girlfriend’s laptop).
And after I’ll say if it’ll solve too the problem that it doesn’t want to charge until 100%…usually it stop to charge when at 81% about…
have a nice evening!