GemiBook does not turn on after sleeping mode

When my new (2 weeks old) GemiBook 13’ goes into sleeping mode (when I do not touch it for some time or when I close a lid) it can’t later wake up. I have to reset it by pressing a power button for like 20 seconds and I loose my work. What is going on and how to fix it or turn my laptop back?

Help, please. It destroys my job.

Admin! What is going on? Could you answer my question? Where can I get a support?

You won’t get any official support from Chuwi here. You’ll be lucky if they ever reply to their official email.

Please be super specific about the problem. When you press the power button or keyboard to wake it up:

  1. The power light remains flashing and nothing happens, or
  2. The power light turns solid but the screen stays blank?

If 1. you have an ACPI problem. You have reset the BIOS or changed a BIOS setting. I would NOT suggest tweaking any further if this is the case, and instead, disable sleep within Windows. However, if you do wish to risk changing BIOS settings, disable Native ACPI and Intel ME.

If 2. you have updated the display driver to an unsupported version. It needs rolling back and then a setting applied to stop Windows from automatically updating the display driver.


oh, thank you! : )))
It is 2, the power light is solid. I haven’t updated anything, so it is probably an automatic update, arrrrgh…
I’ll try to find those settings about the display driver.
Thank you so much!!!
I can’t really understand the Chuwi customer politics - laptops are really nice, but issues like this ruin their reputation.
Have a nice day : ))))

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