My Gemibook turns on but screen is black


I’m desperate. I’ve just opened my brand new Chuwi Gemibook, it turns on (there are lights) but the screen is pitch black and it won’t display anything. I’ve waited minutes but nothing happened. Please help me asap.


Hello, I am sorry that you had a problem with the power of the tablet, but we will try to solve it.
To try to focus the issue and locate the problem, you must first answer some questions:

  1. Does the screen turn on something showing the chuwi logo?
  2. If you can’t see the Chuwi logo, can you intermittently press Esc as soon as you press the power button? Enter the Bios screen?
  3. Can you check if the screen, even if it remains black, has lighting? (You can check this in a dark room)

Hello, thanks for your reply.

  1. I can’t see no logo nor anything at all.
  2. I’ve tried that, but I can’t tell if I entered the BIOS because I can’t see it.
  3. As far as I can tell, there’s no light bleeding or “grey” effect on dark places, the screen seems completely and purely off, no LEDs on, just black, dead.

press F1 or Fn+F1 check the ambient light… do you have anything connected?

Update: After draining the battery out, to see if that could solve anything, I plugged the computer and now when it boots it acts really strange, all fans start spinning crazy and the status led indicator is intermittent on blue, plus backlit keyboard does not work anymore. Insanely faulted unit.

Thanks for your reply. I’ve tried when you posted that on another post, didn’t work me.

Mine reacts for power button as:

Pushing the power button (shortly) doesn’t make make the power on. The power LED light once and that’s all. Nothing other hapens.
I have to press and hold the power button for few seconds to turn power on.

I don’t know /care whether if holding power button makes the machine reset or not - I don’t use sleep features will work correctly with these cheap machine anyway.

Yes, chuwi gemibook does behave differently - with chuwi not documenting these does not help.

My own personal experience:

  1. To power on, I have to keep the power button pressed for a few seconds until the keyboard is lit (whereas the standard is just to press the power button once)
  2. For some reason, my gemibook went into powersaving mode (sleep/hibernation) with the power led blinking blue. Pressing a key/moving the mouse, pressing the power button did not work leaving me to think it went bad.
    Then I kept the power button pressed for a long time (much more than 10 seconds) which powered it off. Then I was relieved to see it come back

Hi all,
I have exactly the same problem . I have to shutdown the GEMIBOOK completely (pressing the power button for more than 10 second) when I close the cover of the laptop or when the laptop goes to sleep Mode.
the most concerning is that sometimes when I push the power on Button to restart, I see the keyboard litting on but nothing happens … seems like the boot sequence does not intiate.
Bios issue ? SSD Issue ? any idea ?

Would someone please publish screenshots of the BIOS and/or step-by-step instructions of blind keys to type to boot into UEFI BIOS and select reset to factory default? From a few threads, a possible cause may be that the OS selected is Linux. I have the same issue. Draining the power and starting did not fix the issue for me. Thank you. TIA

reference :

It turns out some BIOS setting resulted in the laptop display not functioning. From other postings, maybe its because I changed the OS in the settings.

Fortunately the laptop gemibook pro usb-c port can drive a monitor; which displayed fine. Rest to factory defaults and back to working OK. The blind typing steps are:
delete : repeatedly for 10seconds
left arrow
down arrow * 6
up arrow * 6
should reboot

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thanks for sharing hanasaki