Chuwi HeroBook stopped booting up

As the title indicates, our HeroBook won’t boot up anymore. However, the power indication light turns on but the screen remains off.

What should we do? The laptop was fine until it wouldn’t power on. We’ve tried leaving it for a few hours — both plugged and unplugged — but only the power light was on.

Maybe you should discribe you problem to

today I suffered the same problem, I left the laptop open 10 minutes and when I came back it was completely off. I pressed the start button but nothing was completely dead, I mention that when I left it on it was the power plug connected

Exactly the same issue, first boot was fine, now it won’t boot, h=just the Blue LED light, and nothing else, this must be a VERY common problem, and nobody knows the solution :frowning:

Long press the power button for 15 seconds to force the machine to shut down and turn it on again.If the screen is still black, please contact

I have done the long press method lots of times, it just shuts down, then if I press the button again the Blue light comes on but nothing else happens

I have contacted Chuwi but nobody ever responds!

Ok, the response may be a little slower during this time.I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Actually, they never reply. When I raised my issue last December, I got the same response from you. I heeded your advice and immediately sent an email, but no one ever got back to me.

Please tell me your email address.

I have the same problem. We got a band new machine on Tuesday, today we have a blank screen. The little blue power light is on but there is nothing else happening. I’ve tried unplugging, holding down the power button, etc, but still nothing.
It’s very frustrating as it is a new machine.

Please consult with the customer service of Chuwi shop on the purchasing website.

I had the same problem, someone knows how to fix it?, finally support answer something?

I have the very same issue. I contacted their official store and was advised to send the laptop to China for repair. The bad side is, I have to shoulder the shipping fee to have it repaired. LIKE WHAT THE H*LL? Why do I habe to spend an additional $$$ for something that malfunctioned within a month?

Chuwi doesnt help at all