HeroBook Plus 15.6 not boot up

I bought the HeroBook Plus 2 month ago. Today it stopped working, not booting. Power plug in is lighting green, but on press power nothing happened, computer not starting, now power blue lights, no sounds, nothing. How should I do now to fix it? Please help me with instructions.

Any reaction? From support?

Try connecting a usb drive with an LED indicator. If the LED is not blinking, then the laptop has an initialization problem and the best thing to do is to contact service@chuwi.com

OK, i contact with service@chuwi.com. They send me answers about video and my country, 2 times in a row. I send all info both 2 times, today they ask again about my country. WHAT IS GOING ON?? Is it some kind of robotic response? Should i write complaint into EU customer rights defend services?

Hai provato a premere contemporaneamente e prolungatamente il tasto accensione con il tasto aumento e diminuzione volume. Così fai un annullamento del blocco?

You tried to press the power key at the same time and for a long time with the volume up and down key. So you do an undo?

Yes, i tried. Nothing happens.

Same happened to me, I lived in Mexico, the warranty only cover maintenance, doesn’t cover shipping fee, the shipping fee is the cost of the Laptop, it is not fair, I am frustrated, I had 20 days with my laptop when failed. Did you repaired your Laptop, how you repaired?

same situation, still no info from support what to do, starting to lose hope

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Sorry to heard that, looks that fall in SCAM Company…