Herobook Pro don't turn on

Hello. I got Herobook Pro in April and yesterday the laptop don’t turn on despite the battery are full charge mode.
Everybody knows what’s happening?
No information in the Forum.

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Please contact aftersale@chuwi.com

I have exactly the same thing.

Sir. If you live in Europe there’s assistance service in Spain and Russia. If you live in Asia (my case) only in Hong Kong and actually closed due Covid19.

Hello Management.
I contacted your Aftersale department and the answer is: I’ve to send the laptop to Hong Kong to fix but the Station are closed due Covid19. Could you help me please?

You can contact him and send it to Spain

Any news about Hong Kong office to repair/fix my laptop?
No info from Spain… btw… is difficult to get info from your side!!!
Now the damage is done…

My Herobook no turn on and no in the charge the red ligth on but press power no go on

Sir. Your battery is over. Try to contact aftersale@chuwi.com to further details.

Sir…any news about to fix my laptop???

i have the same thing my herobook pro will not turn on even the battery is full

My Herobook Pro is showing blue light for the charging light. Is that supposed to be red or blue?

Chuwi Aerobook keeps switching off as if power button is stuck
It seems that many of us are having this issue that also occurs for AeroBook.

same to me sir something wrong with the delete button and power button, my 2 unit the same probem

Dear Management, I bought Herobook last month and yesterday failed, it has sane issue reported in this topic, it doesn’t turn ON , I press the power On button and it try to turn ON but shut OFF after appears the CHUWI logo in the screen, the battery is in blue color, any idea why this happened and how to corrected?

Probably your battery is over.

Sir. Any news about Hong Kong service?

Managemet, Is there a Mexico Service?

Even if the laptop indicates blue led or do you think the battery is damaged?

Mr. Mena.
Long time ago, customer service wrote informing there’s service in Hong Kong, Moscow and Spain. Nothing about North America but let’s wait.