Battery not functioning

Hello I have had my Herobook Pro for several months now, only using it
at home plugged directly into the mains.
I decided to visit a friend and as soon as I unplugged it from the mains - it showed
that the battery was fully charged - however it immediately became obvious the battery
is not holding any charge whatsoever.

So as a portable device it is useless (for example on an airplane)
Can the battery be changed ? Can I get a replacement battery for FREE (As clearly it has not
worked from new)
Advice please
David P

DavidP, could you solve your problem? I bought a new Chuwi product and failed similar you case, I have seen a lot of comments of failures but no one solution, this Chuwi guys never response?

Hello Francisco thanks for making contact.
Chuwi do not seem to have any After Sales Service and to make it worse
they do not seem to have any Authorised Service Centers either.

Have you been able to get a solution?
I would like to know if it can be repaired - probably a replacement battery needed.

I have a friend who repairs laptops for a living - I will give it to him to open up and
have a look inside.
I will let you know if he finds a solution.



Thank you DavidP for your response.

Best Regards.
Francisco Mena.

Chuwi basically doesn’t have any after sales service. Any repairs will have to be shipped back to China and we have to bear the shipping fees. I was lucky that my Herobook Pro came back alive but not sure how long it will last.

Hope you Herobook doesnt fail... be carefull when you buy products from China if you live in America, is complicated to make valid the warranty, it doesnt cover the shipping fee, it is very expensive, it is almost the cost of the laptop, ja, ja,… bad business…

The shipping costs is not too high shipping from Singapore to China but with home-based learning being the default during covid-19 lockdowns, it is better for me to have a device with local servicing support. Alternatively, I can also look for local laptop repair services but I doubt they are familiar with Chuwi devices.

You are correct Mr. Francis Sim.