Here we go again (same thing happened in April 2022)!

After my laptop froze, I reset/shut it down by holding the on-off button for a few seconds. After shutting down, laptop could no longer start - the blue light turns on, but absolutely nothing happens, the computer does not display BIOS: screen is black … and, if it were not warm to the touch, it looks as if it is turned off (except that the blue light is on).
Nothing helps. Neither completely draining the battery, nor holding the on-off button for xy seconds. If the same thing hadn’t happened to me a year and a half ago, I would have thought the laptop was dead.
I tried to connect it to an external monitor (even to a TV) via his HDMI. Nothing.

My friend, who is a computer geek, says that it looks like the motherboard died.

Does anyone have any knowledge?
Is it repairable (and is it worth it) or should I throw it away?!
Too bad, while it worked - it worked great.

I think I’m done with the CHUWI brand.

Below is a description (of same error) I sent to [] last year:

My Chuwi Herobook Plus can’t be started - the blue light is on, but the screen is black! Everything was fine until yesterday when I finally upgraded Windows to version 21H2. The laptop was restarted and everything worked without problems. After 2-3 hours of operation I plugged in the charger, left the computer on and went out with my dog. When we got back the laptop was on standby and the screen was black (as usual). After that, it never turns on again. Chuwi seems to be dead… but, it is obviously on, and working . because my android phone is connected (on the phone I receive audio and visual confirmation via Windows Phone Link app whenever it is connected to the laptop).

Meanwhile, the laptop worked. By itself! I didn’t touch anything. I wrote this letter and waited for your response. Fortunately!

Do you have any knowledge of where the mistake might be? As I can see on the forum, this error is common.