I need BIOS download for CHUWI HEROBOOK PLUS (Intel J4125 / 12GB RAM / 256GB SSD ROM / 15.6 FHD / Windows 10 Home)

HeB Plus 256G20112074

Hello, please don’t modify the BIOS. Making changes will make it unusable. This one is under our control. Thank you

Meanwhile, the laptop worked. By itself! I didn’t touch anything. I wrote this letter and waited for your response. Fortunately!

Do you have any knowledge of where the mistake might be? As I can see on the forum, this error is common.

Below is a description (of error) I sent to, which is why I asked for the BIOS:

My Chuwi Herobook Plus can’t be started - the blue light is on, but the screen is black! Everything was fine until yesterday when I finally upgraded Windows to version 21H2. The laptop was restarted and everything worked without problems. After 2-3 hours of operation I plugged in the charger, left the computer on and went out with my dog. When we got back the laptop was on standby and the screen was black (as usual). After that, it never turns on again. Chuwi seems to be dead… but, it is obviously on, and working (because my android phone is connected - on the phone I receive audio and visual confirmation via Windows Phone Link app that it is connected to the laptop).