Help! BIOS Chuwi HeroBook Air

Good afternoon, I have a problem with my Chuwi HeroBook Air laptop (4/128) - The screen does not turn on and the green diode is on. I think it’s because of my actions with the BIOS. I chose the option to boot the Linux operating system in the bios. Who can share the bios dump for this laptop?

I’ve h ad the same problem. From assistance they have behind me only that it is not their competence because the PC is born with Windows and not Linux. However, the solution is there. You have to open it. Disconnect battery and buffer battery, then hold for 15 according to the power button. Then you connect everything and close. You will have reset the BIOS and it will work.

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What is the buffer battery? Can I get more details? Where is she or what does she look like?

Sorry for my bad english. It’s the CMOS battery.

Thank you, my English is no better) I haven’t disassembled it yet, but I thought there was no CMOS here.

there is a small connector with a red and a black wire, if I remember correctly. is what connects the CMOS.

Thanks, I’ll try and unsubscribe later in the topic.

Hello if you install Linux on Chuwi laptop, and you got a black screen. You have only one option, and that is to remove the back cover on the laptop and disconnect the battery connector on the motherboard and other connector and reconnect the wire that will reset the motherboard.

I have Gemibook pro; I install Linux, then the screen went black, but after I remove the back cover and disconnected and reconnect some connectors, it went back to normal.

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Thanks a lot to everyone, here’s what helped me:

  1. Disassembled the laptop
  2. Disconnected the battery. I didn’t disconnect anything else.
  3. Pressed the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. I collected everything and turned it on. Bios is reset.

Now everything works. The quality of the plastic on the plugs certainly leaves much to be desired))
Thank you all again for your help!

Great, Maks989

It worked for me. Now i’m installing W 10. I expect The same issues than before regarding sound driver and fix it with the downloaded ones as I explained before. All the other items are already working.

The only remaining challenge is to install Chromebook OS Flex replaicing W 10, getting a working Wirless Network.

I disconnect the main battery und pressed the button, but nothing functioned.
How i can come into the bios? I have forgotten the password!