Unable to boot up

Unable to boot up my Herobook after multiple tries. Contacted support but no reply for 2 weeks. Probably due to virus situation in China.

Please view the video here https://youtu.be/Bkmf8iag2U0 HeroBookQ64G19070102

Any help would be appreciated.

please keep the power button pressed for at least 4 or 5 seconds

Yes, I pressed for 4 to 5 secs and the support also told me to press for 10 secs.

It will load into the Chuwi bios and suddenly it will black out and power off.

Ok support contacted me to send back the laptop.

I have exactly the same issue with my Herobook 1.4!

I was offered the refund if I return it to China, but it is not legal for me to send anything with Lithium batteries in the post to China, so I am stuck with this laptop that doesn’t power on!

Yeah the cost for me to send the laptop to the factory in HK is as much as buying a new Chuwi laptop. So I rather spend the money on a new one.