Herobook 1.4 Won't Boot?

Hi Guys

I purchased my Herobook from China a few weeks ago, when I first started it up everything seemed fine, I even managed to create my account and set up all my bookmarks.

Then I noticed that when I picked up the herobook (from the Left side) the action of pressing down on the bottom Left corner made the screen go crazy with lines and I couldn’t see the screen anymore!

Then it just switched off?

Since then I have only managed to actually start to laptop twice, Once to perform a reset, and then the exact same thing happened!

Now I cannot even turn it on anymore :frowning:

I press the power button down, the Blue LED light comes on, but NOTHING else happens?

If I keep my finger on the power button, it just switches off again, and I go round in circles over and over, and it just will not turn on!

Any idea’s on this issue’s guys?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The main board is placed from the left, probably this is some manufacturing defects (poor soldering or some of the FFC was poorly fixed).
Contact service@chuwi.com