Chuwi Herobook - Does not start


Following a recent wondows update, the Chuwi Herobook laptop fails to start. Once power button is pressed, the Chuwi logo screen is displayed a long side the progress hourglass/symbol. After a few minutes the laptop just turns off and has failed to get to the log-in screen

The laptop is less than 6 months old. Please advise?

Best regards

Mr D Sidhu

Please contact


I have contacted support as you suggested and they have recommended that I reinstall the system. As a customer I do not think this is something that I should be doing, especially as the laptop isnt even a year old!. Please advise on how I can get laptop sent to a Chuwi representative so they can take a look at it. I am based in the United Kingdom.

Best regards

Mr D Sidhu


Unfortunately I do not believe that you will receive the help that you are asking for. Customer service it less then adequate and if they provide you with the necessary files to re-install the system then that will most likely be the quickest solution for your current problem.

I purchased a HeroBook and have had nothing but problems with the machine since I received it. The customer service was also in my case less than helpful, the machine is now functioning but only after I had someone in my area fix it. I will not be purchasing any further equipment from Chuwi, I have learned my lesson about this company. Best of luck with your current situation.

Shane Meier

You can try this solution first, and if it doesn’t work, you can communicate with the maintenance appointment.

Hi Shane, thanks for the message. Surprisingly enough I did get a successful resolution to the issue, albeit with additional cost incurred. I had to post the laptop to their service center in Spain (at my own expense!)…when the laptop was returned the outside casing was covered in adhesive which is difficult to take off and any attempts to do so risk potential damage to the laptop itself due to its thin plastic casing. When closed, its quite an eye sore. Furthermore when attempting to setup the laptop I was stuck in a loop of being unable to get past the windows 10 registration screens (additional research helped me find a solution (disabling connection to the router)).

At the moment, the laptop is working…how long this will be…time will tell…would I buy a Chuwi product again? I think there is more chance of me winning the lottery whilst being proposed to by Pamela Anderson!!.

All the best