Gemibook - where to find documentation?

Chuwi: Please update the your main product page with links to Gemibook documentation like user guides/troubleshooting guides etc.
As new owners of Chuwi products, it is difficult to figure out everything by ourselves esp. when things are non-standard.
My own personal experience:

  1. To power on, we have to keep the power button pressed for a few seconds until the keyboard is lit (whereas the standard is just to press the power button once)
  2. For some reason, yesterday my gemibook went into powersaving mode (sleep/hibernation) with the power led blinking blue. Pressing a key/moving the mouse, pressing the power button did not work leaving me to think it went bad.
    Then I kept the power button pressed for a long time (much more than 10 seconds) which powered it off. Then I was relieved to see it come back.

It is preferred if these non-standard things are documented.


Also please create a category for Gemibook under laptops. Thanks!


indeed, the first one is annoying!