Gemibook Pro dead


my gemibook pro laptop seems to have gone dead…I press the power on button and nothing happens. The screen is black, the power light is off. no matter how long i press the power button nothing happens. The only thing that works is the charging indicator which shows blue. any ideas?

TIP: just before the laptop gone dead, it showed a strange behaviour. I was pressing buttons in the keyboard but nothing was typed in the screen and then a picture with the word “shut down pc” was shown in the half side of the screen (unfortunately i did’nt take a photo of it). The picture was like the classic login screen but as i said it was shown only in half of the screen.

Maybe the battery.
First leave the PC on the electric current for 24 hours, then press the on button for 30 seconds.
If the PC does not restart and the battery does not seem to be recharging, leave the PC off for at least 10 days then without restarting it, plug it into its charger (ideally a charger with a little more voltage ) for 24 hours, then try to switch on the PC while leaving it connected to its charger for another 24 hours.

Curious blackout!
But above all we rule out processor, memory and screen failures.
By discard according to what happened, possible is the battery, power circuit. Also an SSD failure can cause a system shutdown to protect data.

Believe it or not…i went to a pc service shop and i was told that there was a power circuit problem in the keyboard…You know why? because i used a wet wipe to clean the keyboard. The liquid of the wet wipe went under the keys and that caused a power circuit malfunction. The only solution is to replace the keyboard. And the bad news is that this cannot happen easily as chuwi spares are hard to be found, if not at all. I have tried to find a way to contact chuwi but in their website the links “contact us” do not work. Not the kind of service you expect from a big company like chuwi. So, any ideas how to find a spare keyboard? It’s a pitty if i don’t fix the laptop because except the keyboard everything is fine as i was told.

I found a spare keyboard for my lapbook pro on aliexpress! Maybe you can too. Chuwi does not answer my emails so do not contact them! Awful service and bad hardware quality.

Linda Parts Wholesale store This is the store I got it from. Still hasn’t arrived but it takes around 14 days.

Hi, this is Jordi from Barcelona (Spain). I had a problem with my Chuwi Aerobook battery and keyboard a few months ago. I got a perfect assistance from the Chuwi official technical service in Toledo (Spain); they receive direct indications from Chuwi; I suggest you to contact Chuwi official service before at Otherwise you can contact with this technical service in Spain and ask for an estimate for your repair case. Their mail adress is (they do not provide with help phone assistance).
Good luck!

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It happens with my brand new herobook laptop after one week use. Send it back and Chuwi send me a new one

Josef, do you sent it back to China?
My Gemibook was shipped from Spain and I’m afraid it will get lost.
How did you get a backup without open the CHUWI?

Hi Frankie
yes to Spain. first you will have to contact them to expose the situation. then if it is a problem covered by the warranty they will indicate where (correct address) to send the laptop. I bought mine through AliExpress through Spain. everything went well. took a while to send the new one due to the Chinese holiday

No time for backup…not really have time for creating files. After one week it’s stop working

What mail address did you use to send your request?

No email. Only chats inside AliExpress web page. There you will find the “Chuwi official store” and the option to chat directly to them

Eda Chuwi after-sales technical service. I also know them, they changed the screen of my GemiBook. They are fast and always respond to emails about the status of the repair. In less than a week I had it fixed. Of course, I live in Madrid and with the car to Seseña Nuevo I do less than half an hour. That yes, he will fix it if only Official Chuwi sends you.

the official answer i got from chuiwi ( was the following:

“Hello, our gemibook Pro Keyboard is not in stock, so we can’t sell it to you.”

Absollutely dissapointing…

hansol, do you have another email to contact?

My Gemibook was shipped from Spain.
I wrote to and they answered me the next day.
I will have to ship the PC to Spain.

It will work. He said is absolutely correct

Exactly that’s it
have a nice day and thank you

Departamento de Reparaciones

Eda Warehousing Logistic Spain S.L

Camino de los pontones S/N, Sesena nuevo Telf. + 34 91 59 0 70 25/689 67 67 03.