Gemibook Pro Screen gone blank, won,t Reboot

Hi all,
Need some help
I bought my Gemibook Pro March this year and have been very happy with it till last weekend.
My granddaughter was using the laptop and it was on charge. She says the there was a noise for a few
seconds ( like a grinding/ whistling sound) and the screen went Black… The power was on, and it would
not turn off, or reboot. I checked the power supply and it was still working. I left the laptop overnight and
it had turned off. I tried a reboot, but the laptop is now dead and will not turn on. I connected the charger
and the red led was on to say it was charging. Laptop will not turn on (no green light) and its its dead
with the blank screen.
Does anyone know how to fix this, or will i have to send it back. ( Amazon)

Can you make a video of the problems encountered by your computer and send it to this mailbox: (please send it as an attachment)
We look forward to hearing from you

Hi, thanks for the reply.
After leaving the laptop on and letting the battery go flat, i put in back on charge and i got it to work.
I did a reboot and then it updated quit a few files and it actually works better than before. So no help
needed, so thanks anyway.

Missing a part of the solution.

Why the battery discharge. What important files where missing. How do you know this will not happen again?