High Pitched Distortion Sound

My new 2020 LapBook Pro is periodically emitting a high pitched distortion sound. What is the problem and fix?

Hello I would try to reinstall the drivers, remove the ones you have now and reinstall the most current Microsoft drivers

I have updated the speaker and microphone drivers to insure the latest Windows 10 version. Is that correct? That did not fix the problem. A friend suggested I may have coil whine inside my device. It emits a high pitched sound when I just lift the front of the laptop up an inch or so. What to try next?

Hello good , if you have already tried the latest drivers, and it sounds something inside, it is best to open it and look to see that it is loose, it may be something that has fallen in the production of the tablet as a washer for example and has stuck to the magnet of some speaker, open the tablet and check that there is nothing in the speakers. a greeting.