Problems with USB C Port of Lapbook Pro (8GB RAM)

Dear Chuwi Team, dear Chuwi Users.

I got a problem with the USB Type C Port of my Lapbook Pro.

Windows makes always a noise (the noise, when you plug in and plug out an USB stick) and it shows me, that the last USB device can´t be detected. And this repeats all the time.

It only stops, when i plug in an Type C device (the lapbook recognize the device and i can use it) , like my cell phone. But when i pull it out, the problem is coming back.

I tried to reinstall Windows a couple of times, but it didn´t solved the problem. I think, it is a driver problem.

How can i solve this problem?

I wanted to send you a driver to try it out, but I found out that there was no Lapbook Pro driver in my resource bundle.You may have to wait a while, or you can contact to confirm the problem.

Hi Antar, have you find a solution about the noise from the Type C port ?

I have the same problem