BlueTooth and chargeing when USB C is pluged on - problem

Hi all !

I have Chuwi Ubook Pro 12.3 N4100 Quad Core . When I use bluetooth connection with audio to amplifier, there are brief interruptions in the transfer of data that are not comfortable for listening . At first, I thought the problem was with bluetooth on another device to which I am transmitting sound, but the same problem occurs only when I transfering music data with my Chuwi BT connection. Is there any firmware or a new driver that will solve the problem ?

The other problem I have is that if I have a device plugged into a USB C, and in parallel power supply, the battery does not charge. So, for example, if I connect the speakers or any other device via USB C, and turn on the power supply in parallel, the device will discharge in a few hours. I need to recharge it by unplugging the USB C device and then everything is ok. Do you have similar experiece and is there any idea how to resolve it ?

seems some yes and some no. i have a 512gb usb c nvme that i have some projectson that i use regularly, when i connect it to hetype it stops charging, but if in one usb 3

it may have something to do with the stuff we connect