Ubook dead after charging

My new chuwi ubook 11.6 won’t turn on anymore. Purchased from only a month until yesterday it was fine. Today after charging, I turned it on but nothing. I Just have noticed that sometimes after pressing the Power Button for more than 3 seconds, the blue light flashes once quickly for less than a second and stop, nothing more. The device Is totally dead, what can I do?

Did you use the original charger?
Try holding the power button + volume up or power + volume down for 1 minute.

Thanks. I have done but without any effect. Yes, truly speaking, I tried to charge first through USB C using Lapbook pro charger 12v but just for one minute before using his own charger. Is it a serious and big problem?

If you used charging with direct 12V output, not PD, then no problem. Also ubook with n4100 version cannot be charged via type-c
But just in case, make sure the connector doesn’t smell burned.

The connector doesn’t smell burned. What else do you suggest to do? How is it possibile that the tablet has suffered from charging through USB C Port? Could be that It Is in a sort of sleep or protection mode?

Type-c otg without PD and direct 12v charging supports only 5V 3A, so if the protection didn’t work, 12V could damage the mother board.
If the tablet does not turn on while charging and does not turn on by pressing buttons, I can advise reconnecting the battery and checking the board on both sides for damaged components.
Or you can write to service@chuwi.com