Chuwi Ubook Pro N4100 No respond, Cannot Charge, No LED

Hi, I have a Ubook Pro that I bought back in 2019 N4100, 8GB Ram, 256GB.

What happened?

  1. Using as usual
  2. Suddenly goes dark
  3. Cannot charge (no LED shown)
  4. Cannot power on (no LED when press power button)

Steps tried (not working):

  1. Battery reset
  2. 3 short press, 1 long press
  3. Press and hold for long time

What should I do next?

I think the battery voltage is below the minimum level for the system to turn on. Try to put the charger on for 24/48 hours to see if, after this time, the charger LED lights up.

Battery is okay and charged. I was using the PC previously and the battery is full, then suddenly everything become dark and charging has no respond. Unplug battery also not working.

Any other possible idea what could be the problem?

Maybe you could take the laptop to a repair shop. So they can give you a clue. Before repairing. IF its the battery and need to be changed you can write my colleagues and see if they have a battery available to sell you. Sometimes we do not have stock sometimes we have.

If you want it:
Go to you ,

Select your zone up right side(Europe/USA etcc)
Menu-Explore -Contact us- Aftersales Service
-Fill the form(is important to fill this and not write a simple email)

  • Write Maria, at the beginning (so my colleagues know i send you)
    -Dont forget to write
    your Serial Number
    Where are you from
    When did you buy it(warranty purpose)/Where did you buy it

  • My colleagues will answer you telling if we have stock or not and
    shipping prices and cost.

  • They answer normally in 48/72h, if not, write me and i will check in case it went to Spam.

  • If possible in English language (they dont understand any other language)