UBook Pro with black screen, will not turn on

My UBook Pro has a black screen and will not turn on. I tried all start using the advice on here and it still will not work. I contacted Chuwi and was told to “If it does not flash, please replace a charger and charging cable to charge for 0.5-1 hour,then short press the power button three times, then long press the power button for 10 seconds to start.” That did not work and I sent Chuwi a second message. Their reply was: “If the tablet does not turn on. You need to send it to the repair point to check the hardware. We have repair points in Russia, Spain, Hungary, and Hong Kong.” I can not believe they do not have a repair facility here in the USA.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me in getting the screen turned on?

When you say it has a black screen, does it mean that the screen lights up but does not present any image?
Does the blue led light up?
If so, can you enter the Bios?
When you put the charger on, does the charging LED light up?
If it doesn’t turn on at all, my advice is to put the charger on for at least 24/48 hours and try to turn on after this time

Thanks for the reply. The screen does not tight up at all. Blue light will come on and the red light comes on when charging. Keyboard lights up. I can not enter the Bios. I have charged it up a few days ago and it still did not work. Right now I have drained the battery to zero to see if it will reset Bios and then I will try to charge it and power it back on. I have tried turning while continuously hitting the F2 key and that did not work.
Thanks for the help. I may end up having to take it to a local repair shop.

In my U book pro case no blue or red led light. Only low quiescent linear voltage regulator IC MP2015AGG : DDH379 heats up when It is on Chuwi wall charger. Otherwise, it is absolutely dead. When connected to laptop, laptop says it is not recognised and malfunctioned.

I used original charger. I did all the things posted in the forum and also on the net. I also checked the voltage of The wall charger. It is correct 12V. Green LED light on charger is on when The tablet died while working, the battery showed 86% I just used The U Book Pro only for 50 minutes in total and Did only 3 times booting

Please suggest any remedy. Tablet expert could not find any issues.

I feel there could be BIOS issue as many customers of Chuwi are saying something about bios

Kishor Athalye

Please, write to service@chuwi.com