My Chuwi Freebook wont turn on


I was using my Freebook and it suddenly turned off. I figured it could have been a batery issue but i charged it and tried turning it on but the little blue light next to the power button only blinks blue once after holding power button. Its currently still charging and the connected charger light is solid orange. How can i trun it back on?

maybe @manonegra222 could clarify a little before we decide is because of hardware?

I was using it while it was charging. Power connection was unplugged and 5 mins after it was unplugged from power, it shuts off and now it wont turn on. I charged it util full charge and it still wont turn on. I didnt drop it nor got it wet. I dont know what to do to turn it on.

What else would you like to know so that i can get this issue resolved?

Ive only had this laptop for about 4 months. I dont use it everyday and when i do its not for a long period of time. I really dont have money to buy another one. Hopefully someone can help me figure out what happened.

While i get help from manonegra, would you mind to tell me meanwhile…
1-Where did you buy it? (aliexpress, amazon, chuwistore) if you can send me the link to the store will be easier.
I need to know so in case we need to repair i need to see if we can offer warranty o no. If it was bought through official stores or not.
2-Where are you from? To know where to send it to repair. or send replacement

More information is necessary to be able to issue a remote diagnosis. A problem with the charger is possible but the customer must provide how the problem manifested itself, if it stopped working suddenly or if it does not turn on and if it is possible that the battery has been discharged to minimum values ​​so that it can turn on later. When you are going to turn off a laptop, it is necessary to wait until the LED lights on the keyboard are completely off because, if we do not wait and close the lid immediately, the laptop will remain on and not go to sleep, which will cause the battery to discharge. completely and then charging is not possible due to entering protection mode.

So my husband bought it through Walmart during the black friday sales. Ill ask him to send me the order confirmation email. I am from Santa Ana California.

I was using the laptop while it was charging. I moved to another area of my house, i unplugged the laptop, continued to use it and after about 5 mins or so the laptop shut off completely. I tried turning it back on but it wouldnt turn on. I thought it was discharged so i connected it to the charger and got a full charge ( as indicated by the green light by the charging port) and it still wont turn on.

Do the following: 1. Press the power button for 30 seconds; 2. Press the power button 3 times intermittently (half a second press); 3. Connect the charger and try to turn on.

I did as instructed and it didnt work :confused:

I think may be a problem in the battery. You should contact the walmart store you bought it and ask them to tell you how to repair. Maybe they have a repair center in your city.

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Thank you and @manonegra222 for all your assistance! I will definitely take it back. Im really hoping this issue resolves or else this was just a waste of money.

@manonegra222 the night before, i didnt turn off the laptop. Do you think that caused it to go on protection mode? If so, will i be able to fix that?

I’m also facing this issue.

If the system does not close (Windows should take care of this and close it or if we mistakenly close the laptop lid before the system is completely stopped) the battery can be drained to values ​​that cause it to enter protection mode, so that Don’t get lost permanently. To exit this protection mode, it is necessary to put the charger on for hours/days or what technicians usually do, which is to charge the battery directly from the charger (normally they have a charger with a two-pole output that they connect directly for a few minutes). This is usually effective since the battery is not broken but blocked.

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I see. I think this is what might have happened because my husband wouldnt wait for it to shut off completely before closing the laptop.

Ill charge it for two days and see if that works. Ill be sure to give you an update! Thaanks again :heartbeat:

Hello @manonegra222 i had to buy a new charger for the laptop because my son cut my charger with scissors :woman_facepalming: i dont think that the charger i bought is charging the laptop because its not indicating a charge (orange light). Does that happen if the laptop went on battery protection? I currently have the laptop connected to the charger and i will leave it like that atleast until i hear back from you?

The new charger must have the same specifications as the “cut one”. Same output voltage (v.) and same power (w). Values ​​below will not load at all.

The laptop charger reads as is:
“Model: 1-CHUSB202-128
Input: 100-240v-50/60Hz 0.6A
Output: 12.0V=2.0A 24.0W USB TYPE C”

The one my husband got me reads:
"Model: XYY-PD100CL
Input: 100-240v-50/60Hz 2A MAX
Output: TYPE C: MAX 100W

Is that okay?

The laptop is currently hooked to the charger but its not indicating that its charging. The little orange light is not on.

By the way, my husband got the charger from amazon