Lapbook pro 8/256, which usb-C hub to buy?

When it is on charge (usb-C occupied), lapbook as only an usb port avalaible. It is not enough and the hdmi port is a micro hdmi.
I need RJ45, hdmi and vga ports and more usb ports. So, I’m looking for an hub

I would buy this one, but I’m afraid it won’t work with the chuwi lapbook.

  1. This model is a100 watts model. Isn’t it too powerful for a lapbook working with a 12V 2A charger ?
  2. For the video stream, it requires a usb-C port with thunderbolt 3 technology. Is this the case for the usb-c socket of the latest Chuwi lapbookPro

At this point, there are several Type Cs in the market that has Power Delivery and RJ45. The trick is getting a good brand.
I tried a lesser known chinese brand that has PD and RJ45 but it eventually smelled like something burning and stopped working.
Ugreen is a good enough brand and mostly composes the accessories of my lapbookpro 8G. But honestly, after my first experience, I do try to avoid multiple port hubs with PD. I current have a USB RJ45 hub and a VGA/HDMI to micro HDMI.