What charger can I buy instead of stock one?

I want to buy second charnger USB-C for my lapbook pro. I’ve searched in the internet and i’ve found out that the laptop requires special charger. Any power delivery(PD) changer with 12v and 2A is not able to charge lapbook pro. Where can I buy original USB-C charger and what other non original chargers can work with lapbook pro?

Hi, SamDocker, welcome to the forum.

Indeed, the USB C port of the LapBook Pro is not complete because it does not support charging with a Power Delivery charger. You will have to use compatible laptop chargers for sale on Amazon and deliver the necessary power and voltages. If you want to buy the original, go to aftersale@chuwi.com where they will give you the instructions to get it.

So. Just to sum up. If I understand you correcly I need to buy charger WITHOUT Power Delivery function but 12v 2a. Right? Can you give any example of such charger?

Hello, I would like to say that the charger had better use the original,for accessories,parts, please contact aftersale@chuwi.com, our service department will help you out.

i have the same thought.

Probado y funcionando correctamente.

will this work on the lapbook pro?

Did this work for you?