Purchasing the correct USB-C Charger & Cable

I want to purchase a charger and cable for my UBook Pro. I want to get the charger and cable on Amazon. Can someone point me to the correct ones for my UBook Pro? My first time using a USB-C port.

I use the ZMI 65W PD Charger (HA832) and it works well.

I requested about this matter the support but didn’t get any answer so far. I am looking for a car charger for this device. I was very disapointed to know that xiami powerbank 2C 20000 cannot charge it.

Do you use both types of ports (USB-A and USB-C)?

I am not sure I understand your question. If you mean for charging the UBook Pro, I use the USB-C. I used the USB-A ports on the PD Charger for charging phones.

Yes it was exactly wat I asked. Because they have different amperage and voltage.

Anyway, the support answered to me that they recommend to use the following charger

Baseus 45W dual charger (USB A+USB C) is perfectly working (PD charge, USB C to USB C).
Charges at 12v2A (24W) like the original charger.

If you use the USB A port, the USB C stops charging the Ubook (it goes down to 5V, which is not enoguth to charge ubook).

Anyone know the correct size of the Ubook Pro charging port? I wanted to use USB power delivery charger but would like to buy an adapter to charge via the DC port instead of the USB C Port, but doesn’t seems to be able to buy the correct size (bought 2 already).

Nice idea! @Management, can you tell us will it work? Like, if I do this, can I use type с while charging?

So what about 45w charging? Does it work?