Purchasing the correct USB-C Charger & Cable

I want to purchase a charger and cable for my UBook Pro. I want to get the charger and cable on Amazon. Can someone point me to the correct ones for my UBook Pro? My first time using a USB-C port.

I use the ZMI 65W PD Charger (HA832) and it works well.

I requested about this matter the support but didn’t get any answer so far. I am looking for a car charger for this device. I was very disapointed to know that xiami powerbank 2C 20000 cannot charge it.

Do you use both types of ports (USB-A and USB-C)?

I am not sure I understand your question. If you mean for charging the UBook Pro, I use the USB-C. I used the USB-A ports on the PD Charger for charging phones.

Yes it was exactly wat I asked. Because they have different amperage and voltage.

Anyway, the support answered to me that they recommend to use the following charger

Baseus 45W dual charger (USB A+USB C) is perfectly working (PD charge, USB C to USB C).
Charges at 12v2A (24W) like the original charger.

If you use the USB A port, the USB C stops charging the Ubook (it goes down to 5V, which is not enoguth to charge ubook).

Anyone know the correct size of the Ubook Pro charging port? I wanted to use USB power delivery charger but would like to buy an adapter to charge via the DC port instead of the USB C Port, but doesn’t seems to be able to buy the correct size (bought 2 already).

Nice idea! @Management, can you tell us will it work? Like, if I do this, can I use type с while charging?

So what about 45w charging? Does it work?

Did you ever find an answer for this? The tip of my original charger was torn off and I’d like to replace it, but I can’t seem to find anything on eBay or Amazon. Does anyone know of a compatible charger (not USB-C)? The model number on the original charger is: A241-1202000D
Input 100-240V – 50/60Hz, 0.8A. Output 12V Brand is “Marshal Corporation.”

This one should do just fine: 12V 2A 3.5X1.35 Oplader Voor Chuwi Ubook Aerobook Lapbook Se 13.3 Teclast X1 2 Pro X3 Pro x5 F6 X6PRO F15 F7 Pro Cube I7 Stylus|Tabletladers| - AliExpress

Altough I really don’t know why you’d avoid using USB-C. It works flawlessly for me (N4100-model, using a 65W PD-charger) and charges faster than through the original adapter, though not at the full 65W from the charger.

I purchased the ZMI zPower 3-Port Travel Charger: 45W USB-C PD and 18W-Split Dual USB-A Wall Charger. It seems to work okay.
Recently, we had some winter storms and lost power for a couple of days or so. To ensure I can use all my devices, (Ubook Pro, phones, tablets), I purchased these Imuto battery packs. I am disappointed to say that while these battery packs will charge all of my devices, including my grandchildren’s iPads, when I plug it into the Ubook Pro USB-C, nothing. Oh well!

ZMI zPower 3-Port Travel Charger: 45W USB-C PD and 18W-Split Dual USB-A Wall Charger

Yes, the Ubook Pro has quite a picky charging circuit. It negotiates with the charger/powerbank through PD, but AFAIK it absolutely needs 12v to begin charging. This is pretty rare for powerbanks to support. Since Li-ion batteries run at 3.7v standard you need a lot of conversion (and thus a lot of power-loss) to get to 12v. iPad’s (and most non-laptop devices) accept charge even at the standard USB 5V, which is a lot easier (and cheaper) to implement.

However there are powerbanks that are able to do it, like the ZMI QB823 (65W, 20Ah) that I’ve been using for about a month now.

Still, it’s way better than the Hi10X. That one doesn’t negotiate about voltages or currents but just expects 12v/2A straight out of the USB-C charger, so that’s what its included charger does out-of-the-box. The problem with this is that no other USB-C device expects this, and most aren’t built to cope with 12v. I’m betting there are a lot of bricked devices because of someone thinking “hey, it’s USB-C on this Chuwi charger and so is my phone, let’s just top it off a little” → Insta smoke insues… If it doesn’t support PD-negotiation, it shouldn’t have a USB-C plug, Chuwi!

Excellent explanation. Thanks. I will check out the ZMI Q8823.

Nope, mine already dead less than 6 months after purchase though I rarely used it.

You may want to try USB C charging or perhaps go to Aliexpress to have a look and asked those sellers. If you want to continue using the charging point instead of USB C, I think it is possible to find those adapter tip where you can plug into the hole in your device and at the other end to those USB power delivery charger.

Thanks to all. It has been very useful to me.

Thanks. I was able to order that one, and it finally showed up. After it made its way from China to California (where I live), for some reason it got sent to Iowa! But eventually it worked its way back to me and seems to be working fine.

I’m not actually sure that last scenario would work.

PD over USB-C uses a pairing/negotiation between the charger and the device to determine the right voltage and current to charge at. Connecting a PD-charger to the main power inlet would require the charger to instantly deliver 12v/2A without this negotiation, because the charging port isn’t PD-compatible. There are devices elsewhere on this forum that force any charger to instantly do this (for instance, the Hi10X “famously” uses a USB-C port for charging without supporting the PD-negotiation), but just an adapter tip would probably not be enough.

Glad it’s working, and hoping it works longer than the original did :wink: