I tried to charge my tablet Ubook X by USB C without success.
Using QC 3.0 charger (12V 1.5A max)
Powerbank with PD (12v 1.5A max also)
Nothing happened to connect the USB cable to the tablet, and I would like to be able to charge the tablet when I’m travelling by power bank.
On BIOS system says that USB C is disabled, and other parameters related too, but not possible to change anything there.
I would like to know what to do because I want to buy USB C dock with PD to have more ports and PD charge altogether, but afraid that won’t work.
Not sure about what can be the problem, if it’s power bank, charger, BIOS, or maybe it’s that tablet doesn’t have this option even if it’s written on specifications that it has full options on USB C
Thanks for your attention.


The USB-C is deactivated in the BIOS is normal. It works anyway.
The problem is your chargers. The UbookX only supports USB-C PD chargers with PD profiles => 3 (12V, 3A).
Quickcharge is not supported at all.
My power supply is a USB-C 61W and supports 3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V and 20.3V with 3A each. This works perfectly on the UBookX.Important, with USB-C PD, the cable must also support this mode. If the USB-C cable does not have the appropriate chip in the connector, it will not work!


Thanks for your quick answer.
So, the problems are chargers and I imagine that powerbank will be another one, because it has PD, but only 12v 1.5A max, not enough for the tablet. I will need another one with better power to be able to charge just in case I can not do it with the power plug.

I can’t charge my UBOOK X with my power bank.

I have a Cygnett Chargup Pro 27kmAh Portable Power Bank.
It has a USB C port that can do, 5V-3A,9V-3A,12V-3A,14.5V-3A,20V-3A (60W PD)

I have 2 USB C cables,
Fasgear USB C to USB C 3.1 Gen 2 Cable, 10Gbps, 100w Power Delivery, 4K@60Hz Video Transmission
It supports Quick charge QC 3.0 and PD rapid charging (with PD charger)

Moshi Integra™ USB-C Charge Cable with Smart LED
Supports USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 (PD) to deliver up to 100 W (20 V/5 A).

When plugged in, it starts the charging process, the battery icon is animating.
After a few seconds, the battery icon stops animating.
I still have the red light indicating that it is plugged in, and the battery icon shows
the time left to fully charged, but this time just increases over time.

So I’m curious what Power Banks/Cables that others are using that work.


I use the following. So it went without any problems so far.

Power supply P38-PD31 USB-C PD / OC3.0 61W:

USB-C cable - JSAUX USB C PD 60W (20V / 3A)

To the best of my knowledge, the operating system controls the loading process under Windows. The problem could also be with the operating system.

Have you tried Linux? See if you have the same problem under Linux. Live Linux, which is booted from the USB stick, is sufficient for the test.

For example, you can use MX Linux.

Simply download the MX-19.4.1_x64 “ahs” and bottle it to a USB stick with the balenaEtcher or Rufs and boot from it.


Ok, I finally can charge my tablet with a battery pack, through the barrel port.
Picked up a barrel (3.5x1.35 mm) to USB-C cable.

Tested it by watching a movie at full brightness & volume, and the charge is going up. Seeing the red light on while charging and going off when the battery is at 100%.

Finally, the Tablet is mobile and with my Cygnett Chargup Pro 27kmAh Portable Power Bank I can charge it 4-5 times.



With this cable, you can power the tablet with any energy source (electrical outlet, power strip …?)

Well done anyway for having found a way to recharge your PC without the original cable.

Best regards,

Hola Pakillo. Queria saber si has conectado un monitor HDMI a través del puerto USB-C y te ha funcionado.

Muchas gracias.

YES, it works with both possible variants on the UbookX.

Option 1: miniHDMI port using miniHDMI2HDMI adapter / cable
Option 2: USB-C. I use a USB-C hub with USB-PD and HDMI-out.

I had the worst experience with my fast charger… will I was charging my phone, I got smell of something burning when I checked the smell was coming from my type-c cable. I immediately remove it from the phone and throw it out of the house. this happened again a few days back too… it is not like that I bought cheap Type-c cables, I actually buy expensive one’s, at wholesale cables rates. I think the problem is with my charger… does anyone has a solution

Unfortunately, the only thing that helps is testing what is really the problem. Normally it shouldn’t be the power supply. Because if it delivers more voltage or amperage than the device to charge requests and the USB-C cable allows, you would already have defective.

In fact, I would rather tap the USB-C cable here. High quality and successful cable types are often counterfeited. They also like to appear at well-known dealers. You may have caught a fake here. Just try another manufacturer.

I have been using the following cables without any problems so far.

I have been using a CHOETECH 61W USB-C charger (model P38-PD61W) as a power supply for 2 years. Unfortunately, this is no longer available, but there are enough good ones on Amazon. Anker or Realpower are always an excellent choice here.

Both tested up to 20v 3A when charging the following power bank.

The perfect Type-C charger(s) CHUWI should be selling on the accessories page.

Just to confirm that I am charging via USB-C port with no problem using these:



As @AbsoluteZero says, CHUWI should sell some accessories such as these or other keyboard layouts in the site.

As for the cables, I am using these with no problem at all:

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Just to confirm that I am charging via USB C port with no issues using:



As @AbsoluteZero says, CHUWI should sell accessories for his products such as these ones and keyboards with other layouts.

Which block are you using?

What do you mean by “block”?

The end of the USB connection to plug into the wall socket.

USB-C to USB-C. The cable I linked in the previous message.

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Thanks, not sure how I missed that