UBookX Pro 13 USB C charging doesn't work?

I bought this UBookX Pro 13 six / eight months ago and I usually use the proprietary charger that goes into the round charging port but there are instances where I may want to charge the tablet from a power bank using a USB 2 to USB C charging cable. I now have two cables (USB 2 to USB C charging cables) and neither of them seem to work, when plugged in (to either the power bank or a physical charger) the power indicator does not say “charging” and the unit doesn’t charge.
This is one cable: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01CZVEUIE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
And this is the other:

It does work, but you need to meet some requirements on the charger.
I’m using this HP charger from the old laptop which I replaced with the ubook x pro.
As you can see, it gives 12v and 15v 3A both at the output, so is quite powerful.

Hope this helps.


For Ubook XPro you need a charger that can provide at least 12V 2A (24W) on USB-C PD.

Your Powerbank should be able to provide 12v 2A through USB-C output or will not work.

These cables you posted will not work because they are USB-A to USB-C and to have PD you need chargers that are USB-C and use a USB-C to USB-C cable.

Ok my old power bank didn’t have a USB C connection so I bought this newer model but didn’t realize I needed a USB C cable at both ends so I ordered a set but this is the newer one I bought:https://www.amazon.com/RETMSR-Portable-30000mAh-Charging-External/dp/B09NKVCJ15/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3CQAX1W7TF178&keywords=portable%2Bcharger%2B12v%2B2A&qid=1692647965&sprefix=portable%2Bcharger%2B12v%2B2a%2Caps%2C99&sr=8-4&th=1 but it seems to say that the max USB C output is 12V/1.5A(PD 20W) I looked at at least 6 or more on Amazon and didn’t see one that had USB C charging as 12V 2A, do you think the one I got will work even if it’s 1.5A?

That’s an 18w output (A x V = W). Yes, it’d work most of the time, but when you stress the system it’ll try to draw more power than the power bank can supply. This will lead to, at best, “dirty power” causing your laptop’s power circuit to dropout and need to replug the cable, and at worst, permanent damage to the laptop charging circuitry.

Search for a 45w or 65w power bank instead.

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This is not a notebook but a tablet and in general I don’t stress it, just use it for a single application and more than likely I’d “charge it” from the power bank while it’s sleeping or off.

I would recommend a Powerbank with at least 25W of Power Delivery over USB-C so you can use the powerbank while using the tablet.

Just remember of one thing. A powerbank capacity is expressed in mAh, like 10000 or 20000 but this is at 3.7V which is the voltage of batteries inside. The tablet uses, so far i remember, 7.4V battery.

In this matter, ignoring the loss, a 10000mAh(3.7v) powerbank would provide 5000mAh(7.4V) capacity to the tablet.

Theoretically, a 20000mAh Powerbank should be able to give a 1 1/2 full charge on the tablet turned off.

I have a 10000mAh powerbank that is able to deliver 25W PD. I can use it on my tablet but… with tablet on, it only charges until 80%~ after that, due to the current needed, it stops charging.

I would recommend a 20000mAh or 30000mAh powerbank from Baseus that is able to deliver 65W. They are usually around 50-70 EUR in Amazon and it’s a trustable and known brand.

Ok, I’m going to return the one I bought because it just won’t work from what other people have said or at best it will work but badly. I looked on Amazon for the brand you mention and I ordered this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08JV4W4NY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
Which seems like it has a good mAh (30,000) and Watts (65W) but no where in the specs does it mention DC amps, one of the other people who responded to my post mentioned that it should be able to deliver 2A on the USB C port so I’m not sure if the amps this can deliver is sufficent.

this Baseus one for sure will work.

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Laptop, tablet… makes no difference - your power bank doesn’t discriminate who it delivers dirty power to :wink:

When I say ‘stress’ I mean ‘use’. General web browsing will push the CPU to full power draw for short periods. If you’re charging and using the system at the same time, you’re going to push that poor 18w power bank into overdrive and it will damage your system.

If you’re only ever charging with the system turned off or in standby, your 18w power bank wouldn’t be so bad. The battery will be able to charge at full 18w for ~80% of the charge cycle before dropping down gradually, and since that load is steady, it won’t be too bad on the power bank.

However, I would always go for a 45w or 65w PD power bank. Those have much newer and better circuitry, so will deliver cleaner and more stable power even at full load. Don’t worry about searching the particular volt/amp specifications of a 45w or 65w PD power bank as they will all suffice in delivering 12v 2a.

I got that power bank yesterday but it was at like 37% charge and it took all night to charge but I’m testing right now and the tablet does show the battery icon as “charging” while plugged into the power bank so looks like I’m good.

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