Replacement Charger

I purchased a Chuwi Lapbook Pro and broke the charger. Where can i purchase a new Chuwi official charger?

All accessories you need can be obtained by contacting

I have emailed the address listed for after sales and hav not receive a response. I have had my Lapbook Pro for a couple months but have only used it for 3 days because I broke the charger. I am not asking for a free one but will purchase one from your company. I think that it is odd that the warranty is voided if a charger from an outside business but Chuwi aftersales has not replied to my email so I can buy one from them. Why don’t you sell parts on a website for convenience of dedicated customers. I love my lapbook but wish I would have bought a Lenova so I could easily purchase replacement parts.

Please tell me your email address if you still haven’t received the reply.

Hello! This is Shani Hudgens and you requested my email address so I can purchase a charger for a Chuwi Lapbook Pro. My email that I use daily is I appreciate your time and concern!

Shani Hudgens

The relevant personnel of after-sales department have informed you of the charger interface (12v 2a type-c) on March 22nd.If I’m going to buy from us you just say to the after sales that you want to buy and send them the address information or something like that.PS: you also need to pay the freight. Have a good day.

Hello! Thank you for the information. I did not see the email from your company and checked the junk mail in case it was filtered out. How do I find out how much the charger and freight is going to be. I have no problem buying the charger nor paying freight because it was my fault that it got broken.

Could you possibly see what the price will be and what address to send it to. I will retract the negativity that may have been taken out of context on your website. I love the lapbook and will continue to buy from your company.

Shani L Hudgens

Hello everyone! I am off to a bad start this morning! I wrote one post and had a typo that made Chuwi look bad. The reason that I am posting this is to thank the Chuwi personnel and apologize to everyone. I have posted about getting a replacement charger and some of my post sounded negative towards Chuwi. The reason I thought they had not contacted me was an oversight on my part. If you are just reading this to think over a new device, I will highly recommend Chuwi. I bought the Lapbook Pro and love it! If you can afford it, bump up to their newer ones; I have heard great comments on the new Aerobook. I think that is what it is called. I love the backlit keyboard and was short on money but I received everything that I wanted with the Lapbook Pro.

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Hi, I’ve the same problem. No answer. I need urgently for my new lapbook pro. it break after 2d of use. Can you send me an offer with fast shipment or indicate a universal one i can find in Amazon?

If you have contacted the after-sale service, but haven’t got a reply, please tell me your email


I also sent an email for a replacement charging cable but did not got an answer. Could you please check? My email is cl–